im not original, its okay.

im just going to jump on this band wagon here.

Age: 16, one week away from 17

Bed size: twin

Chore you hate: all of them.

Dogs: im allergic. but if i had to chose one, id choose shannon's miniature husky.

Essential start of your day: my chocolate slim fast.

Favorite color: pink, green and grey

Gold or silver: silver

Height: five foot six

Instruments I play: ha none? im so un-talented.

Job title: lifeguard

Kids: im still a kid myself!

Live: hm, not a clue yet! where ever life takes me.

Mom's name: elissa.

Nickname: melia tortilla, LC, miss california, melly, maweenis

Overnight hospital stays: nope, cant say that i have.

Pet peeve: people who talk during movies, people who text constantly

Quote from a movie: "this sticker is inconvenient and dangerous, but i sure do love fig newtons" - talladega nights

Right or left handed: droit (right)

Siblings: my big brother palmer.

Time you wake up: well my alarm starts to go off at 6, but i press the snooze button until seven. i can get ready in twenty minutes, so pro.

Underwear: target. who needs to spend $30 on a pair from victorias secret. no one sees them anyway.

Vegetables you dislike: all.

What makes you run late: i press snooze 20 times instead of once. literally, 20 times.

X-rays you've had done: teeth, foot.

Yummy food you make: eh, mashed potatoes.

Zoo animal: flamingos for sure.

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