its on my mind.

im in love with candy. all flavors and assortments. im surprised that all my teeth arnt gone. im so addicted. every day in the summer you can  usually find me with a bag of candy by my side. i can usually polish of a bag of peach-o's or sour gummy worms in about thirty minutes. candy is my guilty pleasure and i cant get enough of it. these are my favorites:

sour gummy worms


reese's peanut butter cups

tootsie pops


tootsie rolls

rock candy

reese's whipps

cotton candy

and those are just some of my favorites. i'll really eat any candy you put in front of me. except for twizzlers or redvines or whatever that crap is you folks call it. anyway get me some of that candy above and we will be best friends forever!

what is your favorite kind of candy?

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