its party time

sorry i haven't blogged lately. ive been real busy. if you didn't know, friday was the last day of school and it is now officially summer. i feel like the biggest burden has been taken off my shoulders. my junior year was the hardest school year of my life. i cant tell you how many times ive sat here blogging while thoughts of un-finished assignments and bad grades ran through my head. but, i am glad to say its all over for a few months until my senior year starts back up. i am so excited to be a senior next year. anyway, i partied it up this weekend letting all the stress of school melt away. i did some fun things, had some pretty good laughs and me and shannon decided if we dorm together for college we are going to buy cardboard cut-outs of jack sparrow and will turner for our room. it will most likely happen. also, my birthday is in six days and its going to be one party. we've got the whole day planned out and its going to be a blast. i sure do love birthdays. well, i need to write something a little more meaningful. but that wont happen today because my brain is still recovering from the long year of school. LET THE SUMMER BEGIN!

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