lets spine board this baby up

big news.
(i had to make it large for effect)

pleasant grove pool, lifeguard. im so excited. i spent nine hours in the pool today, yes, nine. and i now have the worlds worst sunburn. in fact this burn may take the prize for worst sun burn in my entire life, which is pretty hard to beat. but yes, after 30 hours of lifeguard class, i am certified. it wasn't easy, at all. most days i questioned myself thinking "do i really wanted to do this? can i handle an emergency?" its a scary feeling knowing that people's lifes depend on you. one mistake, and they could die. but after spending 9 hours with the coolest people today, i know i want to be a lifeguard. especially at pleasant grove pool. i always used to think that lifeguards had the easiest job. i would always look at them when i was little and wonder why they got paid to sit there all day. but after learning about life guarding, there is more to it than sitting up on the chairs. life guarding is stressful, and very demanding. but, i am so ready to take on this challenge. i am so excited to become a part of the pool staff, they are so much fun to work with.

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