making mountains out of mole hills

psssh who needs prom?
pssssh who needs to steady boyfriend in highschool?  your going to miss out on being a teenager. honestly, you probably wont marry the person you go to prom with either. i don't see why you need to spend 400 dollars on a dress when you could just call up your friends and hang out with them for free. sure, every girl loves to go get dressed up, but why does it only have to be on prom? you could get dressed up any day of your life if it was such a big deal to you. your life isn't going to end if you don't go to prom and no, your highschool career will not be over if you don't go to prom. really, who cares? maybe there arnt any guys in highschool that like you. but, WHO CARES! if you dont have a boyfriend in highschool, its not the end of the world.  there are so many more mature guys waiting for you in college. highschool is nothing compared to what the rest of our lives are going to be like. its  not like your kids are going to be like "my mom didn't go to prom, she is such a looser." like i really wonder what makes people think that if you don't go to prom, your not cool. going to prom does not change your social status. or atleast it shouldnt. you didn't get asked? so what. obviously no guy at the school is smart enough to ask you. wait for college, the guys are better there. and really, prom is just a dance caused by raging hormones.
and no, i didn't go to prom. and no, im not bitter about it. i did better things like hang out with my super hot friend tyler, for free. i was in sweats and a hoodie and i felt just as pretty as i would wearing an expensive dress. who says you need a sparkly dress and lots of make up to be pretty. its only one night. plus, if you ask the guy you went to prom with a year later what you wore, i promise he wont remember.

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