my fav five

i love my life. college is looking my way, who needs senior year? im doing two internships next year and ive got a job lined up. i get my CNA this month and i can start to work in the medical field. life is finally looking up.

my top 5 guilty pleasures

hot men
notice i didnt say boys. there is a difference between men and boys. actually, make those hot men cowboys and id be in heaven. i cant help but stare at hot men. just ask my friends. every hot guy i see i say "he's hot" or if i cant see the guys face i turn to my friend that can and say "is he hot?" and then we debate over if he is hot or not. its like a game for me. im so guy obsessed, its not funny anymore.

costa vida
im not joking, i go to costa vida once a week. if i don't go once a week, i'll start a riot. nothing else has ever touched my taste buds quite as delicious as costa vida. and do not tell me cafe rio or bajio are the same thing as costa. THEY ARE NOT! and i have a card that gets me 1/2 off the pork burrito every time i go. how amazing.

mountain dew
think of a hot day in the summer. your sweating and your back sticks to the seat of your car and your hair is sticking to the back of your neck. what drink are you holding in your hand? oh yes, a mountain dew. my heart fills with pure joy when they tell me i won a free drink at walkers. 44oz of pure sugar. its dang good. my favorite part is when condensation starts to form on the outside of the cup, that is the best time to drink your mountain dew.  

oh, you can bet i will be at strawberry days rodeo every night. when people say they have never been to the strawberry days rodeo, i feel bad for them. i mostly go for the hot cowboys, but really who doesn't? im obsessed with cowboys. my most most most favorite part of the rodeo is the bull riding. go get that 8 seconds boys! gosh rodeos are the flippin best.

del taco
i love how 3/5 of my guilty pleasures are food. but del taco almost compares to costa vida.
1. its cheap.
2. its never crowded
3. they are quick
4. its just so good.
i walk into del taco and i cant hide the smile on my face. i always want to buy everything on the menu. everything always looks so good. plus they always have the greatest deals ever, so i go in with hardly no money at all and i can still afford something to eat. plus, del taco is always better after midnight. there is nothing better than getting done partying on a summer night and then heading over to del taco at 1 in the morning.

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