my life in a nut shell

i might have just eaten half a bag of cheddar ruffles. its alright.
i crave del taco every second of the day.
i sat next to mardi during seminary, and i laughed my head off. that girl is so funny.
i have to go to the pool today for "skill review" with all the lifeguards, yet i just got my certification last week.
i have nurse state testing tomorrow- super nervous
i might have melanoma, not really. but sometimes i wonder.
i spent far too much time at walkers last night chatting
this weekend is looking to be a good one.
im going to watch curse of the black pearl
tomorrow is my last day of school
tomorrow i am going to costa vida & getting my year book
this weekend i am hanging out with jayce
ive worn a hat every day this week. thanks sunburn.
i found out that jordan evans wrote about me every day in english
this post is really stupid.

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