oh just strangle me

my days are starting to turn into one giant blob. im too tired to even think most the time, and my brain function has decreased by 95%. the end of school is next friday, can you believe that? i cant. well actually school doesn't end until the 3rd, but im not going to school anymore after next friday. im feeling slightly over-whelmed with things to do. i took about a 3 hour nursing test on tuesday, which really just made my brain explode, and since then my brain stopped functioning. i have so many end of the year tests, assignments and reports to do i honestly cant think straight. its crunch time, and i cant seem to focus. im failing math, literally, and i feel like my struggle for survival is coming to a close. ive fought my battles with math for a long time now, and im not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. on monday, im going to be taking the test to see if i can get my nursing assistant license, im scared out of my mind. in every class, i have a final coming up within the next week, and i don't feel prepared for any of them. and i mean, these tests are going to make or break my grade. oh, don't even get me started on how stressed i am about my french class, it makes me want to cry. on top of my school madness, im working on becoming lifeguard certified so i can get a job at the pool this summer. i have class every day for about 4 hours, which takes up all my time outside of school. on top of studying for school, i have to study for that stupid lifeguard class, which i have to take a huge test for on saturday. i wake up with a headache, and go to bed with a headache. my list of things to do is about 100 miles long, and there isn't enough daylight to accomplish them all. i am mentally and physically drained. i can honestly say that the next 8 days are going to be the longest days of my life. i hate to sound dreadful and dreary, but im seriously over-whelmed.

those are the 500+ flash cards i need to know for my nursing test on monday.
and my bracelet says "cowgirl up" not girl up.

well, its time for me to get back to work.

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Shaun said...

that makes my head hurt just looking at the pictures :( you will do great tho