oh my lanta

im stressed, to say the least. school is coming to an end and i have 43289473 things to do. first off, nursing finals are next week and im totally not ready. second, nursing state testing is coming up soon and im so nervous for that. third, my grades have gone straight down the drain and im starting to wonder if im ever going to get them back up in time. somedays i just want to bang my head on a board. my day is usually pretty jam packed of studying and homework and school.

7:45 -2:15 school
3:00 - 7:00 lifeguard class
7:00 - 9:00 gym

and somewhere in there i need to find the time to study. my days are pretty darn boring. im so ready for school to end, but in reality if school ended right now i would be in so much trouble because my grades are the worst. so, if i dont blog very much in the next few weeks, you will know why.

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