product review

neutrogena naturals. fresh cleansing plus makeup remover. i give it 5 out of 5 on the melia scale.
removing your makeup every night, we've all been there before. scrub at your face until it starts to hurt and even after minutes of scrubbing with face wash you still have those big dark  raccoon eyes. you scrub at your raccoon eyes for a while until they start to hurt too, and then you are left with those ugly mascara marks. and then afterwords your face is blotchy, and doesn't feel very smooth and you still have that stupid mascara and eyeliner mess left under your eyes. trust me, thats the same story for me every night. well i was browsing the isles of walmart trying to find a solution. ive used eye-makeup remover before but it feels like im rubbing oil in my eye balls and i don't like that very much. as i was browsing, i came across this lovely looking bottle. cute colors, cute font and modern looking. and who cant trust a name like neutrogena natruals? i unscrewed the top like any girl would do, and smelled it. it smelled pretty alright. so i bought it, for six dollars. its turned out to be the best investment ive ever made in beauty products. just get your face wet, scrub-a-dub-dub for a few seconds and bingo, just like that all your mascara raccoon eyes are gone. I've never found a face wash before that gets rid of nasty mascara eyes with literally no effort at all. after i washed my face with it, i didn't have to go back with a wash cloth and try to wipe away my raccoon eyes. it was like a miracle straight from the heavens. it actually makes me excited to wash my face at night. and, it turns out that once you put it on your face, it smells like fresh sliced green apples. its changed my life.

holy crap. i cant believe i just went on that long about a freaking face wash.

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