tombstone part two

so there i was, getting ready for my first legit ghost tour. i laughed in my head thinking about how much rubbish this whole thing was. well it was midnight and it was time to start our ghost hunt. let me tell you, the bird cage theatre is all completely original. the floors and walls are original, same with all of the furnishings. even the stage curtain is the original one from 1881. when you walk into the bird cage, you truly walk back in time. anyway there we were, inside the theatre listening to our tour guide talk about the history of the theatre. it looks pretty awesome on the inside, im not going to lie. but i still thought that it being haunted was a whole bunch of garbage. the guide showed us around, and told us all the stories and experiences that people have had with the ghosts in the theatre. i started to get a little creeped out but nothing i hadn't felt before. by this time it was one or two in the morning, and it was time to start our seance. we went on the stage, behind the curtain and we all sat around a big white table. our tour guide turned off all the lights in the theatre. it was pitch black. i couldn't see a single thing, let alone my hand right in front of my face. then, my heart rate started to rise a little bit, but i still had it under control. our tour guide sat down and started to talk to the people that haunted the theatre. and that is the moment i started to believe in the unseen. the second she started to talk, all the hairs stood up on the back of my neck. we talked to the spirits for about an hour, and i experienced some of the weirdest things of my entire life. spirits literally touched me, talked to me & sat by me. i smelt whisky, perfume and cigar smoke. we heard spirits laughing and having a good time. i kid you not, during the seance a spirit placed their hand on me. at one point, i honestly thought i was going to pass out from the pure fear running through my veins. while we were sitting, our tour guide asked any spirits that were downstairs, to make their way upstairs to where we were sitting. right after she said that, you could hear footsteps coming up the stairs. we were the only ones in the building. just imagine all of this in the pitch black. the only light you could see in the building was the red glow from the exit sign. during the seance i would watch the red glow disappear as shadows walked passed the exit sign. after a while of communicating with the the paranormal, our tour guide ended the seance and turned the lights back on. she then let us wander about the theatre freely. me, shannon, sam and todd made our ways downstairs. shannon started asking questions to whatever things were down there. we got a response, and then continued to have a full on conversation with a voice from a person we couldn't see. i heard with my own two ears, my best friend have a conversation with a ghost. todd and sam would both confirm that too if they were here right now to testify. the night was coming to a close and we wrapped up. i left that building that night knowing more than ever before that ghosts are a real thing. and i was the one laughing at myself, for never believing in them. and you can sit there and laugh, thinking how crazy i am. thinking that i only imagined the things that happened to me at the bird cage. well, there is no way i can prove to you what happened to me was all real, but i know what i saw is real. you will just have to take my word for it until you go there yourself some day.
the original stage curtain, a long with all the other original stuff.
this is the main dancing hall of the theatre.

call me crazy, there is a face in that mirror.

plus, i wouldnt be going back again this summer for another ghost hunt at the theatre if i didnt have any paranormal experiences the first time.

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i peed my pants when i read this.
holy crap.