tombstone part one

i woke up at two in the afternoon today, i obviously party too hard.
so i believe in ghosts, do you? i know lots of people are skeptics and non-believers, i understand where they are coming from because i used to be the exact same way. anytime someone told a ghost story i would laugh and find every possible way to debunk their stories. i was like this for sixteen years until about a year ago. i had never paid much attention to those shows on tv about ghosts until shannon started watching them constantly. i ended up watching so many episodes of ghost hunters, paranormal state, and ghost adventures that i started to become obsessed with them. but i still never believed in the paranormal. it wasn't until last summer that i actually believed in ghosts and spirits. i don't know if you have ever heard of a place called tombstone arizona, but its a famous cowboy town. there is a really popular movie called tombstone, that was filmed in the actual town. anyway, last summer i went there with shannon and some other people. tombstone is a one street ghost town. the main street is just dirt, with real saloons, bars and all other kind of shops. no one lives there anymore, the only people that are there are employees and tourists. tombstone used to be one of the most popular mining towns in the west, where all the sheriffs, cowboys and outlaws would go to find work. the town was busy and bustling over 100 years ago, but now its empty and forgotten. when you walk down the street of tombstone, you get the coolest feeling. you feel like you are walking in a piece of history, and you can almost feel the energy from the people that lived there over one hundred years ago. in 1881, there was a gunfight in tombstone, which has became the most famous gunfight in old west history. which actually makes tombstone even more cool. at the very end of the main street, there is a place called the bird cage theatre. it was where all the men would go at night to play pool, drink, dance and gamble. there was a stage, where people would preform. the theatre was also a brothel. (a whore house) the men would pay money and they would basically rent a lady for an hour to do unmentionables. the bird cage theatre had the longest running poker game which lasted for 8 years. anywho, there is the background of tombstone arizona. last summer, i went and spent the day in tombstone. the people i was with are extreme believers in ghosts, but i was not. they all wanted to go on a ghost hunt in the bird cage theatre. so we signed up for a tour, and we wondered around the town until it got dark. and that, is where my ghost adventure begins.

me standing in almost the exact same place that the picture above was taken.
an old picture of the bird cage, and the picture below is the one i took before my ghost tour.

to be continued...

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