what i spend my money on

if i could compare the world to something, it would be a trash can. i swear i just throw all my money away. well, the little money that i do have. im jobless, like most of the unemployed americans now-days. i feel like i'll never get a job. ive only applied to like 32489230 (slight exaggeration) places. obviously there is something wrong with me. so since im jobless i usually mooch off my parents most of the time. scratch that, all of the time. i try not to ask my parents for too much money, but really how is a teen supposed to live? i feel kind of lousy asking them for money all the time but there isn't much i can do about it at the moment. if i could choose one thing i spend all my money on, well, just kidding. i would have to choose two things. food and drinks. all the receipts in my wallet are from food places. i probably buy food just about every day. i buy lunch a ton at MATC because im too lazy to bring a lunch from home. EVERY weekend i go to costa vida, because im majorly obsessed. (almost) every day i go get a drink from walkers. thank goodness jared gives me my drink for free sometimes. just today i spent about eight dollars with angie when we went out to lunch and to get chocolate. when im with that woman all we do is spend money. something is seriously wrong with us. every day i wake up and i tell myself im not going to spend a single penny but then i see that tootsie pop that looks super tasty and i can't help but give in. i have absolutely no will power at all. i wish i could save my money and i wish i could get a job. the only thing that buying food is going to get me is fat.
what do you spend your money on?

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