whistle whistle, call 911

lifeguarding. i dont know how the whole thing came about, but i guess it got brought up somehow. for the last couple of years ive applied at the snack-stand at the pleasant grove pool, always a no-go. not being too bummed about it, i looked for other jobs. kangaroo zoo wasn't for me, and neither was any of the other places i applied to. it always came back to the pool, it seemed like such an awesome place to work. this year i thought it would i would be adventurous and apply for a lifeguard position. so joe called me back (my boss) and asked me if i wanted to do the certification class so i could get the job. i reluctantly signed myself up for the class and dragged by butt to the pool. almost every day for two weeks i went to the pool and practiced back boarding, spinals, deep water back boarding, different saves, swimming and diving to the bottom of the 13 foot pool to get a twenty pound brick. well, my HELLISH sunburn and my sore muscles finally paid off. i got hired right on the spot. i finished my certification class and verdon (my other boss) asked me if i wanted a job at the pool. i said yes so quick. you see, ive been going to the pleasant grove pool since i was a babe. i did swimming lessons for about five years when i was wee little, and ive always gone their since. ive spent every 4th of july at the pool to date, and ive been there too many times to count. i couldn't have been happier to have gotten a job at the place ive been going to since the womb. the last couple days i have spent at the pool have been eye opening for me, ive met so many great people. the people at the pool are so relaxed, and so outgoing. i mean what kind of job do you get to run around half naked and get a superb tan? i love the lifeguards i work with. they are so funny and so accepting. everyone is friends with each other, and we all lift each other up. if you preform a crappy save, they arnt going to tell you that you suck. they are going to give you constructive criticism. the head guards and lead guards are so amazing, i already look up to them. i haven't even been working for a week and i already have so many inside jokes with all the other lifeguards & staff. everyone is just willing to help each other out. sure, lifeguarding is serious business, but we know how to have fun at the pool. i am so FREAKING excited to spend my summer at the pool. it feels like my 2nd home already. especially after chatting with a bunch of my fellow lifeguards in the hot tub for a few hours today. this is definitely a great change in my life. im ready for a new chapter, and new faces.

PLUS- what is better than whistling at kids all day telling them to knock it off?

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