fourty hour week

"work work, all week long. punching that clock, dusk till dawn."
thats how i feel right about now. i work every day. but, i wouldn't change it for the world. i love my boss, i love my supervisors, i love my fellow employees and i love the friendships i have made. my job is like one big party, literally. we always order pizza and hang out with each other in the break room. we are all so friendly with each other and we all just laugh. even my boss comes and hangs out with us because were all just a bunch of kids at the pool. i love my job.

its time to smile.

i sure do love meeting new cowboys. my life is looking up.

i love my cashiers.

so ive become great friends with the guys that work at hart's. i got my little friend john who i now call johnny boy, and he calls me rosie. we've got lots of inside jokes. i also talk to the hot one a lot, but i don't know his name because he doesn't wear his name tag. he always asks me how my work is going and how my sunburns are. little johhny boy likes to make fun of me because im always sunburned, and i call him a jerk in return. i seriously spend like fifteen minutes a day at harts talking to my two favorite cashiers. today i went to harts three times. i had to go back for various beverages and items. and every time i walk in, my two favorite cashiers greeted me with a smile. im pretty sure i like them a lot. plus, being friends with the cashiers at harts has its perks. they usually give me my drink for free. SCORE! i love becoming friends with random people, it makes for a good time.

anyway, my day today was super good. went to work in the afternoon, and partied it up all night. got to visit my harts buddies, and got to hang out with my friends and we ended up doing some pretty fun things. PLUS i got to go to del taco. i'd call it an all around good day.


crush of the week

jim sturgess.
also known as jude in across the universe. with that sexy british accent and a voice like an angel, it makes him irresistible.
if your a beatles fan i highly suggest you watch across the universe, and while your at it, listen to this song that sexy jim sings.

boot scoot boogie

i love cowboy boots. i own two pairs myself. im not talking about those fake pairs you get at the shoe store made out of pleather. im talking real, honky tonk, leather boots. oh boy, are they comfortable. most people think that all cowboy boots are the same, but that is completely wrong. there are so many styles, shapes and colors of boots its unfathomable. i look at a cowboy's pair of boots almost as much as i look at their faces. boots are so hot. boots are so comfy. every single one of you should invest in a pair. ive been looking at boots lately and i want to invest in a third pair. we will see how my mom feels about that, but hey its worth a shot.

i don't know about you, but boots are the dang sexiest things ive ever seen. go buy yourself a pair. also, i almost bought the boots in the very last picture while i was in tombstone, but they were $200. i think ill be saving my pennies for that pair.


a late happy fathers day

i have a pretty awesome dad. we dont always see eye to eye, but when we do, we have a good time. a long time ago, me and my dad were driving to st george to visit family. it was late at night, and we were in the middle of no where. i was staring out the window looking at all the stars. my dad opened up the sun roof, and turned on this song. i listened to this song, and looked at the stars while we quietley continued to st george. my dad didnt need to say anything, because this song said it all. since then this has been mine and my dads song, and one of my favorite memories of him. im sure this song will be played at my wedding.

one day there will be a cancer from texting so much

i have one huge pet peeve, i mean huge.
what the crap has happened to our society? texting is absolutely getting out of hand. sure, texting is entertaining at times and is something to do when your bored. its a great way to get a hold of people and always stay caught up with your friends. but holy (swear word) people text way too much. it really, really, really pisses me off when im hanging out with someone and all they do is text. since when did the person on the other end of the texting conversation, become more important than the person your actually with. i didn't ask to hang out with you so i could watch you text. text on your own freaking time, when your alone. its so unbelievably rude when people sit there and text someone else and not talk to the person sitting directly in front of them. why even bother to come hang out, when your not even going to include yourself in whats going on. id rather you sit home by yourself than come hang out with me and text the whole time. what also pisses me off is when im trying to talk to a person and they wont respond to me until they finish typing their text. how rude could a person get? im glad people think that their cell phones are so much more important than actual friendships. if your going to hang out with me, and text the whole time, why the heck don't you just go hang out with the person your texting. i have no idea why people think that fake friendships over the phone are so much better than real genuine friendships. texting has absolutely no emotion, why don't you just call them? seriously, when you text the whole time, it makes you look like you don't want to be there. just go hang out with the dang person you're texting instead of making me sit there and watch you text.

put your dang phones down and actually hang out with the people your around instead of having your face buried in your cell phone screen. 

click picture to enlarge


a recap of my week

arizona was a successful trip. i had a blast and a half and soaked up lots of sun, and maybe had some paranormal experiences. i enjoyed the 120 degree weather way too much. i ate my weight in mint chocolate chip ice cream and slept very little. i had ice cream for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. i spent the days laying out in the pool, and playing cards. i watched many-a-movies and ate steak. we danced in the living room to johnny cash and jason aldean. we all got scared so we made a giant bed in the middle of the living room floor where we stayed up all night and talked. we used a bottle of ocean potion and drank strawberry daiquiris. we played some ping pong and went hot tubbing every night. we went to tombstone, where we talked with cowboys and talked to some ghosts. i got woken up in the middle of the night due to jayce meowing at my bedside. hes weird. we ran out of gas in the middle of the desert when it was 124 degrees. we went to a haunted hotel and spent more hours outside than we did inside. i didn't wear make up once, nor did i ever do my hair. i wore a cowboy hat every day and we chatted about everything under the sun. we made many jokes, and jayce spent the majority of the trip pretending he was a whale and making cat noises. i discovered my new favorite show, pawn stars. we went to the grand canyon, which we all thought was boring. we laid on the king size bed and watched stupid videos on youtube. i drank a total of 22 water bottles in 3 days. i had a freaking blast, got super sunburned and laughed too much. arizona 2011, you were just as good as 2010. and as for tombstone, its still haunted. but ill tell you what happened at the bird cage later.

swimming and such

ive missed you, blogging world.


since 1995

my smile is the exact same.

gringotts vault

please excuse me while i shed a few tears.
a world without any more harry potter movies is like a world without cowboys. unfathomable. it really makes me sad that there will be no more hogwarts, or voldemort, or harry for that matter. it makes me sad that its all coming to a close. ever since i can remember there has always been a new harry potter movie coming out. i cant believe this is the last one.

team dumbledore for life.

im going to miss you harry potter.

inside my brain

i have some thoughts going through my head

first of all, why does EVERY guy i meet end up liking my friend better? ive now had 4 friends that i've liked and once they meet my friend, they decide they want to date her. its getting old and im tired of watching my friends ditch me for her and im really sick of being the third wheel.

secondly, tonight was pretty dumb. after the rodeo, things got a little weird. the group i went with to the rodeo all decided to go separate ways and ditch each other so i decided to go with jayce and nic. everyone was kind of mad at each other because we all wanted to do our own things. (its complicated) me, jayce and nic decided we would leave and go have our own fun while everyone else complained. well, while we were out having our "fun" jayce drove the back end of his truck over a boulder. he messed up the back end of his truck pretty bad and needless to say, that put him in a terrible mood. so, the night ended badly and i went home.

third, why the heck cant i find a decent guy around here? i find some guys that i actually like, and then their not-so-hot qualities start to shine through. why cant i just find a guy that is genuine, respectful and honest? here is a little secret about me, i don't like guys my age. they are so immature. i don't know why, but there is something about me that just needs a mature guy and i cant seem to find a single one.

fourth, josh "junior" danced at the rodeo tonight and i laughed my butt off. good thing were still friends even though i never see him because he makes me laugh.


taking a look back

Ive been in a mood lately. Ive been thinking about the past a lot. i love my past more than anything and its one of my most prized possessions. it was so good, filled with so many laughs and great friends. one person in particular had a great impact on me from my past. josh. I'm sure you've heard me talk about him before,  but we were the best of friends. Ive been thinking about him lately. we kind of stopped talking. but i was looking through some memories today in my room and it made me think of all the things we did together. these are my favorite memories, and they arnt even all of them. i know there is a lot, so you don't need to read them. they are mostly for me.

-the night we met at kiwanis park, and watched the meteor shower.
-when you took me to payson, where you grew up and showed me your first house.
-when you took me to clancys old house and introduced me to his family.
-how we drove all over payson and you told me all about your childhood.
-the night i ran over a raccoon in your truck and you laughed.
-when we took the seats out of your truck and drove around with no seats in it.
-the one time we changed the transmission fluid together in your truck.
-the one time we got pulled over for doing doughnuts.
-when we had a snowball fight at walkers at midnight.
-the time you tricked me into thinking that i had lost your keys at cabelas.
-the time you tricked me into thinking i lost my phone at in-n-out.
-the time we went to the spanish fork lights and sizzler and we laughed the entire time.
-the time you took me to texas road house, for the very first time.
-how we always made hot chocolate.
-the time we went to salt lake and helped your cousin move.
-your birthday, and driving around the round-about so many times we made your mom sick.
-the one time you bought me my first carhartt jacket.
-when we drove up to the lake and i had to pee so bad so you hit all the bumps on purpose.
-how we would watch every nascar race together and yell at the tv.
-when we watched christmas cartoons and made cookies.
-that halloween when we carved pumpkins together and went trick or treating.
-when we went to cornbellies twice in one weekend because it was so fun.
-the time we got lost in the corn maze so we cut through the corn and got in trouble.
-the one day i got on your shoulders and your mom got mad because we almost broke the tv.
-the one night where me, you and your mom could not stop laughing because we broke the picture frame.
-the day me and angie decorated your house like CRAZY for your birthday.
-all the times we went four wheeling.
-when you let me drive your truck even though i didn't have my license.
-when we would to go our secret spot and talk for hours.
-the times when we would spend forever at willys house talking to him.
-the late night chats with colby.
-that day when we test drove trucks.
-the many hours spent chatting at walkers.
-that one night when we went to the party at jared hollands house.
-when we would play rock band at bretts house for hours.
-when you took me to little acorn for my first time, and i fell in love with the food.
-when we bought matching 88 stickers for our phones.
-when we made "critter auto sales" in your front lawn.
-how every day we would go to cal ranch or cabelas.
-the one time we split an elk burger.
-when we went to temple square & iggys.
-when we went to a hockey game and drove around salt lake for hours.
-when we had an ice war at bajios.
-when me and angie stole the truck and drove it to smiths.
-when we towed chris' truck back to his house in the snow.
-that night when we went to gravity hill in salt lake.
-when we spent the night star gazing
-when we hung out on christmas day and exchanged gifts
-all the times we would wash and clean your truck.
-when i went with you to try on tuxedos for clancys wedding
-how you would take me to school every morning.
-when we went to uncle don's house
-the snowy day when we went to the outlet mall in salt lake and you bought me my first nascar shirt.
-when we would watch scary movies together and not pay attention because we were laughing.
-the day i met critter.
-when you called me little country and miss california.
-the day you bought me my first nascar sign for my room.
-that one night when we both fell asleep watching tv and your mom turned the tv off for us.
-new years eve when we threw a party, so we spent the day shopping and preparing.
-when we drank sparkling apple cider on new years and watched ke$ha music videos with everyone.
-the second midnight came, you shook up the apple cider and sprayed it everywhere.
-the day i dusted your room, it was disgusting.
-when we would go to comcast to pay bills.
-when you got your truck stuck in the drive through at the bank and i laughed at you.
-when it was dark and you did your elmo voice and creeped us all out.
-the night we went to the lake while it was frozen over and snowing outside.
-how you would always surprise me with my favorite drinks and candy.
-when we went to lone peak pond for a fire, because the canyon was already full.
-the very first night you introduced me to dave jensen and we talked to him forever.
-when we went to meet your crazy aunt who thinks she's an idian. i laughed.
-the night we drove up the canyon just for fun and listened to george straight.
-how you used to keep a picture of me in your truck.
-when angie shattered your windshield and i wouldnt let you look.
-when we tried on masks at the halloween store and i almost peed my pants.
-that one time i locked your keys in your truck and you weren't even mad.

those arnt all the memories we had. no doubt, he was my best friend.

when we carved pumpkins

when me and angie decorated for your birthday

when we went to temple square and it was freezing

us in the big chair at cornbellies

critter auto sales

lets hit the road

my next week is going to consist of:

ping pong
bird cage theatre
staying up all night
tropical drinks
hot tub
card games
big nose kates saloon
grand canyon

yes, im going to arizona next week with my two friends shannon and jayce. its going to be crazy fun. we are staying in a condo for a whole week. im going to take yet another trip to tombstone, to find some more ghosts. when we get too hot by the pool, we will go inside and play ping pong in our swim suits. we will spend the evenings watching movies or playing cards out on the deck where you can hear the owls. this is going to be the 2nd greatest week of my summer, compared to disneyland.
we will eat at big nose kates in tombstone.

we will spend a total of 24 hours in the car.

things will get a little crazy on the drive to AZ

we will gamble with candy

we will hitch hike

its lookin to be a good week.