boot scoot boogie

i love cowboy boots. i own two pairs myself. im not talking about those fake pairs you get at the shoe store made out of pleather. im talking real, honky tonk, leather boots. oh boy, are they comfortable. most people think that all cowboy boots are the same, but that is completely wrong. there are so many styles, shapes and colors of boots its unfathomable. i look at a cowboy's pair of boots almost as much as i look at their faces. boots are so hot. boots are so comfy. every single one of you should invest in a pair. ive been looking at boots lately and i want to invest in a third pair. we will see how my mom feels about that, but hey its worth a shot.

i don't know about you, but boots are the dang sexiest things ive ever seen. go buy yourself a pair. also, i almost bought the boots in the very last picture while i was in tombstone, but they were $200. i think ill be saving my pennies for that pair.


Lexi. said...

i love this.
and i love what you've done with the place :)

melia said...

thanks (: