for crying out loud, get off the dang lane lines.

today was my first day of work. im in love.
lifeguarding is much more stressful than you think. its more than sitting up on the stand getting a nice tan and drinking an ice cold lemonade. (even though that stuff is really nice.) a lifeguard is constantly running 1000 different scenarios in their head. lifeguards anticipate when the next person is going to drowned, they watch that little baby that is going to be laying face down in the water in a matter of seconds. lifeguards anticipate whether or not that person is going to ever come back up to the surface. its about lifeguards almost jumping off their stand because the boy got that close to hitting their head on the diving board. its when lifeguards cant tell if that girl is unconscious on the bottom of the pool or if they are just having a breath holding contest. lifeguards watch that little boy, and see if he can swim to the wall, and prepare themselves to jump in and save him in the mean time.  lifeguards are taught to expect the worst. lifeguards don't think its funny when kids break the rules, because we know what happens when they get broken. when lifeguards get on the stands, they are in a zone. nothing distracts them, and they don't think about anything else except for that little kid that could possibly hit their head on the cement. every move they see out of the corner of their eye could be a potential emergency. lifeguards are full of adrenaline and they are ready to save a child at any moment. lifeguards do not sit there on their stand and look at the clouds. they are paying attention with great detail. lifeguards may look relaxed on the stands, but they are far from it. their minds are racing 100 miles an hour and their muscles tense up every time they see a kid coming close to hurting themselves.

i love lifeguarding. its so exciting.

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