heres to you mister johnson

ive been thinking about junior high lately as you can tell from my previous post. i think ill take some time and go through all the friendships i had in junior high that i wish were never lost. so here is the first friendship down the drain, with a few more to come.

corbin johnson
my whole existance in junior high revolved around this kid. i met him almost six years ago, and the day i met him, i knew i liked him. i will always remember that feeling clearly. we were the best of friends and hung out all the time. he was one of the first boys i actually ever really "hung out" with. he was also my first boyfriend & my first kiss. me and corbin talked on the phone ALL day during the summer. both of our parents worked so we had no rides to get to each others houses. we would talk on the phone until one parent arrived to take us to the others house. we were inseparable, we were happy, and we never left each others sides. we were way to young to be dating in 7th grade, but i don't regret it. we were together for 10 months before things turned sour between us. ten months is a long time for 7th graders if you ask me. we broke up our 8th grade year, which was a horrible mess. me and corbin never really talked again, except for we had a little fling in 9th grade, but that turned sour too. i still see corbin all the time, i see him at school every day. me and corbin used to be so close, he was my best friend. some days i look at him and wonder how much hes changed, and i wonder if we would get a long. some days i wish i was friends with him. i don't miss him, but i always wonder if he is doing okay. he had a huge impact on my life, and i will forever be grateful for him. i wish i could have fixed our friendship a long time ago, because that kid will always be one of my favorite memories of junior high.

i have about 447328947 more pictures of us, but i'll spare you all.
i sure did have a cute boyfriend back then.

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