hooked on an eight second ride

i live for the rodeo.
and strawberries and cream.
they are the best.
i wait all year long for strawberry days rodeo. the rodeo is a great place to see all your friends, people watch and stare at HOT cowboys. oh yeah, and maybe watch the bull riding. its also fun to text all your friends and try to find where they are sitting in the enormous crowd of people. i think it took josh thirty minutes to find where i was sitting even after all the instructions i gave him. the rodeo is so much fun. if you live in pleasant grove and you've never been, well, then i guess your just missing out on the city's greatest tradition.
i basically tower over shannon in my boots

and then we decide our first outfits are not fit for the rodeo so we change.


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caihay said...

oh how i love the rodeo.
i was in attendance tonight. then i went home and watched 8 seconds, because bullriding is the best.