i love my cashiers.

so ive become great friends with the guys that work at hart's. i got my little friend john who i now call johnny boy, and he calls me rosie. we've got lots of inside jokes. i also talk to the hot one a lot, but i don't know his name because he doesn't wear his name tag. he always asks me how my work is going and how my sunburns are. little johhny boy likes to make fun of me because im always sunburned, and i call him a jerk in return. i seriously spend like fifteen minutes a day at harts talking to my two favorite cashiers. today i went to harts three times. i had to go back for various beverages and items. and every time i walk in, my two favorite cashiers greeted me with a smile. im pretty sure i like them a lot. plus, being friends with the cashiers at harts has its perks. they usually give me my drink for free. SCORE! i love becoming friends with random people, it makes for a good time.

anyway, my day today was super good. went to work in the afternoon, and partied it up all night. got to visit my harts buddies, and got to hang out with my friends and we ended up doing some pretty fun things. PLUS i got to go to del taco. i'd call it an all around good day.

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