inside my brain

i have some thoughts going through my head

first of all, why does EVERY guy i meet end up liking my friend better? ive now had 4 friends that i've liked and once they meet my friend, they decide they want to date her. its getting old and im tired of watching my friends ditch me for her and im really sick of being the third wheel.

secondly, tonight was pretty dumb. after the rodeo, things got a little weird. the group i went with to the rodeo all decided to go separate ways and ditch each other so i decided to go with jayce and nic. everyone was kind of mad at each other because we all wanted to do our own things. (its complicated) me, jayce and nic decided we would leave and go have our own fun while everyone else complained. well, while we were out having our "fun" jayce drove the back end of his truck over a boulder. he messed up the back end of his truck pretty bad and needless to say, that put him in a terrible mood. so, the night ended badly and i went home.

third, why the heck cant i find a decent guy around here? i find some guys that i actually like, and then their not-so-hot qualities start to shine through. why cant i just find a guy that is genuine, respectful and honest? here is a little secret about me, i don't like guys my age. they are so immature. i don't know why, but there is something about me that just needs a mature guy and i cant seem to find a single one.

fourth, josh "junior" danced at the rodeo tonight and i laughed my butt off. good thing were still friends even though i never see him because he makes me laugh.

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