its a love hate relationship

i really do love working out. i love sweating and i love the feel of my muscles burning. i love that feeling when you cant possibly go any farther, but you still press forward. i love that feeling when every fiber of your body is on fire and its hard to breathe, but you continue on. i guess you could say working out is for me. most my life ive been pretty active with dance, gymnastics, cheer, track and just randomly working out. in fact, just this morning i ran all the way to the highschool, did stair climbs on the bleachers, and then went to the gym to lift weights and ran all the way back home. its such a great feeling. i love being active and playing sports, but if there is one sport i absolutely hate its tennis. im basically the most uncoordinated person on this earth.

i really hate tennis. its the worst. but i mind as well make it fun while im at it.

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