lets get some shoes

i was born to shop.
i was raised to shop.
i love shopping.
i might be an outdoors girl, but deep down on the inside im addicted to shopping.
ever since i was a youngin, shopping has been a hobby of mine. i only have my moms side of the family to blame. my mom, her sister and my grandma love to shop. i inherited the trait from them. all four of us go shopping every time were together. and now, weve started to bring my two younger cousins into the shopping madness too. they all live in california, thats why i go to california so much. and as everyone knows, or should know, everything is bigger and better in california. the malls in california are amazing, 3 stories high. the fashion is so much more up to date, and the stores are unlimited. so, every time i go to california all we do is shop. its what my moms side of the family enjoys doing. every year, i do all my school shopping in california, because everything is so much better. if there is a shoe sale, you can bet we are there. nordstroms sale? yeah, were there too. im addicted to shopping, but the malls here in happy valley suck. right now i wish i was in a big fat nordstroms in california. seriously, i could spend all day shopping. you know whats the best part about having a grandma that loves to shop? when i go to a store in utah and they don't have my size, i call up my grandma and she goes to the same store in california and buys it in my size. SO PRIME. man, i need to go to therapy for my shopping addiction.


sydnee said...

i love how i just saw you shopping the other day.
however, the valley does have good shopping, you just need to keep an open mind.
but i feel your pain.
trust me.
remember when you saw me in forever 21?
yeah i spent all my graduation money in that trip.

miss melia said...

yeah i think were both addicted to shopping. i went shopping again today. where are good places to shop? im so sick of the university mall!

robyn fitts said...

oh heck i am the same person. it is my birthday tomorrow and what am i doing? going to forever 21 and picking out WHATEVER i want. you could say im slightly thrilled. Everything about shopping i love. fashion is just my drug.

sydnee said...

well um bags that fit in american fork is amazzzzing. it's sort of by the forever young shoes over there.
and if you venture up north, urban outfitters in the gateway is for sure my favorite store in the entire world. and anthropologie.
i have many suggestions (=
those are just my favorite.