my birthday extravaganza

i had the best birthday ever.

it all started friday saturday morning at 12:00AM sharp. of course we had to start off my birthday with a trip to ihop. the waiter brought me out a bowl of ice cream at exactly 12:00 AM. it really made me smile. he then asked if i wanted to be sung to, i declined. the cashier at ihop thought i was turning 20. it almost made my entire birthday!
it looks like we had so much fun huh? im just kidding, it was a lot of fun. and no they weren't texting the whole time. i don't know what it is about ihop but every time i go there i end up laughing myself to tears. at midnight, my inbox started to flood with happy birthday texts and phone calls. surprisingly, josh was the first one to wish me a happy birthday. it was sweet of him.

after ihop, i went back home into my wonderful bed. i woke up way too early and had to go to work for a bit in the morning. but i enjoyed every second of it, because the pool is such a fun place to work. everyone wished me a happy birthday at the pool and it put me in a great mood.

after the pool, i came home and got ready for the day and opened birthday presents with my family. i got some pretty spiffy things. the best present of all came from shannon. a life size cut out of jack sparrow. that man is so hot! i love pirates.

after opening presents, me, shannon and sam headed out to my favorite place to eat ever! can you guess what it was? oh yeah, it was costa vida. i enjoyed my sweet pork burrito while we sat and talked for a long time. some pretty hot kids wished me a happy birthday because i was wearing my birthday crown.

after costa vida, we went back to shannons house and got ready for my party. all my friends started to arrive and we packed the camp fire stuff in the back of klins truck. miss angela made me the most beautiful cake! which we ate and then piled in the cars to head out to the desert.

we stopped at walkers so i could get my free birthday drink. then we took the 45 minute drive out to five mile pass. i drove with klin in his truck, of course. klin drove like a bat out of hell! he is a crazy driver! we all made it out to the desert in one piece, except for jayce and chris who got lost. they eventually made it, don't worry!

we finally started the fire around nine and we sat in our camp chairs around the fire, ate food, and laughed our butts off. i really enjoyed myself. i was surrounded by all my favorite people, the only real friends that i need. i seriously love fires, and it was the perfect ending to my perfect birthday. around eleven, the forrest rangers came and kicked us out, which kind of put a damper on my day, but whatever. we packed up our gear again, and drove back to Shannon's house. most of my friends left to go home after that but me, shannon, angie, chris and jayce stayed at Shannon's house to watch a movie. there wasn't really any watching taking place, we were all laughing so hard. all of us were a bit hyper and things got a little crazy! chris was throwing pillows at everyone and jayce was trying to tickle me. the night finally came to a close and everyone went home. i have to say, that was the best birthday of my life. i had so much fun and i loved being surrounded with all my friends. that was the best 24 hours of partying in my life. here's to seventeen years! and thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday!

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