one day there will be a cancer from texting so much

i have one huge pet peeve, i mean huge.
what the crap has happened to our society? texting is absolutely getting out of hand. sure, texting is entertaining at times and is something to do when your bored. its a great way to get a hold of people and always stay caught up with your friends. but holy (swear word) people text way too much. it really, really, really pisses me off when im hanging out with someone and all they do is text. since when did the person on the other end of the texting conversation, become more important than the person your actually with. i didn't ask to hang out with you so i could watch you text. text on your own freaking time, when your alone. its so unbelievably rude when people sit there and text someone else and not talk to the person sitting directly in front of them. why even bother to come hang out, when your not even going to include yourself in whats going on. id rather you sit home by yourself than come hang out with me and text the whole time. what also pisses me off is when im trying to talk to a person and they wont respond to me until they finish typing their text. how rude could a person get? im glad people think that their cell phones are so much more important than actual friendships. if your going to hang out with me, and text the whole time, why the heck don't you just go hang out with the person your texting. i have no idea why people think that fake friendships over the phone are so much better than real genuine friendships. texting has absolutely no emotion, why don't you just call them? seriously, when you text the whole time, it makes you look like you don't want to be there. just go hang out with the dang person you're texting instead of making me sit there and watch you text.

put your dang phones down and actually hang out with the people your around instead of having your face buried in your cell phone screen. 

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