practice does make perfect

Ive seen the Lords hand in my life a lot lately. but nothing quite as spectacular as what happened earlier today. i was at my job life guarding like every other normal afternoon. i was sitting on the stand right by the diving boards, where the pool is 13 feet deep. i had just sat down when i got a strong feeling to take my flip flops off. i never took my flip flops off during work but for some reason the idea popped into my head to take them off. so i took them off, put them aside and didn't think much more of it. and that's when i looked into the deep end and saw that little boy. i didn't know where he came from, or where he was heading but all i knew is that he was in trouble. i could tell that he was scared and panicked from the look on his face, but i sat there and watched him. he was kicking his legs, and moving his arms but he wasn't going anywhere. i told myself that he would be okay and that he would make it back to safety. i fought with myself for about 8 more seconds thinking "go get him. no he will be okay. GO get him. no he will make it back to the wall. GO NOW!" then his head sunk under the water and that's when i stood up, blew my whistle as loud as i could and jumped off my stand. the little boy had become too tired to kick anymore and had stopped trying all together. i can't imagine how scared he was. i swam as fast as i could to that little boy and all i can remember is that he reached right out for me. i had so much adrenaline that i cant remember half the things that happened. i held him as tight as i could and told him that everything was going to be alright, because i knew it was. i swam him back to the wall and told him to hold on tight. i stayed with him there until the head guards came to get the boy. i hopped out of the water and took my position back on my stand. i processed it all for a few minutes while the adrenaline rush slowed down. and that's when i looked down and saw my flip flops. tears started to fill my eyes. i knew that was my Heavenly Father who told me to take my flip flops off only minutes before. you see, if i had my flip flops on while i was trying to swim to that boy, it would have slowed me down immensely. i would have had to take time in the water to kick my flip flops off. who knows, if i had been a few seconds later to reaching that little boy, he could have completely drowned. Heavenly Father knew that i would be saving that little boy today. He knew i would have to take my flip flops off, so he warned me. I'm just glad i listened.

and id call that a successful first save.

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