a recap of my week

arizona was a successful trip. i had a blast and a half and soaked up lots of sun, and maybe had some paranormal experiences. i enjoyed the 120 degree weather way too much. i ate my weight in mint chocolate chip ice cream and slept very little. i had ice cream for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. i spent the days laying out in the pool, and playing cards. i watched many-a-movies and ate steak. we danced in the living room to johnny cash and jason aldean. we all got scared so we made a giant bed in the middle of the living room floor where we stayed up all night and talked. we used a bottle of ocean potion and drank strawberry daiquiris. we played some ping pong and went hot tubbing every night. we went to tombstone, where we talked with cowboys and talked to some ghosts. i got woken up in the middle of the night due to jayce meowing at my bedside. hes weird. we ran out of gas in the middle of the desert when it was 124 degrees. we went to a haunted hotel and spent more hours outside than we did inside. i didn't wear make up once, nor did i ever do my hair. i wore a cowboy hat every day and we chatted about everything under the sun. we made many jokes, and jayce spent the majority of the trip pretending he was a whale and making cat noises. i discovered my new favorite show, pawn stars. we went to the grand canyon, which we all thought was boring. we laid on the king size bed and watched stupid videos on youtube. i drank a total of 22 water bottles in 3 days. i had a freaking blast, got super sunburned and laughed too much. arizona 2011, you were just as good as 2010. and as for tombstone, its still haunted. but ill tell you what happened at the bird cage later.

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