remember that one time?

the last few days ive been cleaning out my room. getting rid of old crap that you don't need anymore, we all know the drill. ive been going through all my memories of junior high. ive read all my hundreds of notes from my old friends and ive started to look through all my old pictures on my computer too. and truth be told, i miss all of it. i never thought that one day id look back at junior high and miss it. that place was a living hell, but i had some of the greatest friends. now days i can count all my friends on one hand. but back then, i was apart of the largest group of friends in school. every single night i had something to do. i was never left at home wondering why all my friends ditched me. my house used to be the party house. every weekend we would come to my house and sit in the basement and laugh for hours and do the dumbest things possible. now i cant even remember the last time i had friends over at my house. i went out every weekend and ran around the town, because we didnt have licenses. we walked. now i sit here on facebook on the weekends and watch everyone waste their time with boys that wont stick around forever. i miss junior high and i miss my old friends. i am so thankful for the friends i do have now, that have stuck around, and im thankful for the new friends i have made. i wish i could go back to junior high and just do it all again, because i had so much fun. but, we all have to grow up and face the future. i am thankful that i have pictures to remember all the greatest times of junior high. ive grown up so much since then, and i look back at myself and laugh. i may not be the same person anymore, but i still miss all the friendships that i did have, because we all had one heck of a time together.

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blondie7820 said...

greatest years of my life (: