seek the hero within

mmmmm, yeah. its been a good weekend.
the last 3 days were spent at stake youth conference.
what an amazing experience.
when we got there on the first day, we were put into groups with two young adult counselors for each group. i think its safe to say that i got the best counselors and the best group. i grew to love them so much over the last couple days. i don't usually talk about church-y stuff on my blog, but i feel the need to today. the last 3 days were felt with so many spiritual experiences i almost couldn't handle myself. yes, by the third day we were all tired and hot, but all i could feel was peace. i learned some amazing things, and saw little miracles happen. even a little miracle of my own. i listened to the most amazing speakers, which i learned some of the greatest things that i will never forget. i made such a tight bond with my group, and i had such a blast. i could feel my Heavenly Fathers love for me the entire weekend. i grew, i learned and maybe i even cried a few times. i am seriously thankful that i got to go this weekend. i was well worth it. like, i cant even describe some of the experiences i had. what a freaking good weekend.

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