this is country music, and we do.

"i am proud to be in country music. even though in some circles it is not given the respect it deserves as an art form, i am constantly reminded of its strengths. see, country music is unique. it is brave. it is not afraid to deal head-on with subjects like disease, death, religion, drinking, family, or anything else that qualifies as life. it isn't above its fans. it is about them. it is the soundtrack to my life and probably yours. i get to be more than just a recording artist. country singers are present at weddings, funerals, graduations and the most impactful moments in our fans' lives. in exchange for singing a few songs, we are loved unconditionally and we are given loyalty beyond what we deserve. every style of music thinks it has the best fans in the world. but this is country music. and we do."

-brad paisley

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