take it or leave it.

i don't know what skrillex is, or what the latest fashion is. i don't know the newest or most popular bands and i don't know what the latest celebrity drama is. i don't know how to style my hair, and ive never been to a rave. i don't go to parties on friday nights and i don't wear fake nails. i sure as heck have never had a pedicure, and i don't know how to wear red lip stick. i don't know how to dance and im not popular. i don't have a million friends, and im not popular at school. im shy, and don't put myself out there. i don't know how to start a conversation. but i  know how to rock a pair of cowboy boots, and i know how to shoot a gun. i know how to change the transmission fluid in a truck, and i sure as heck know all the latest and greatest country music. i know what kind of truck is coming before is see it, and i know if the truck runs on gas or diesel fuel just by looking at it. i know how to work a bow, and i could find my way to cabelas blind folded. i know how to start a fire, and how to pitch a tent. i know how to lasso, and i eat meat. i know what a skoal ring is, and i could hike all day if i wanted to. i know what a neon moon is, and i know that cowboys are sexier than anything else on earth. i'd rather watch a sunset than go shopping. i know more nascar drivers than i do famous people. id rather watch the country music awards than the grammys. i know more about the inside of stock car, than i do about make-up. id rather wear a carhartt than a cardigan. i know more redneck jokes than i do dumb blonde jokes. i'd rather hang out with cowboys than jocks. i don't go scouting for the cutest skirt, i go scouting for deer. id rather go muck around with my boots on in the mud, than prance around in heels.

im country, and that's how its going to stay. i love living this way, and id never change a thing. i wish everyone could have a taste of the country life. its so relaxed and simple. people that are country, just understand. i cant describe to you the love i have for this lifestyle. no i don't live on a flippin' farm, or own horses. i don't claim to be a cowgirl, and i never will. but i know im a country girl and no one else's opinion is going to change that.

first time ive worried all summer.

im really chapped that i follow so many people on blogger, yet when i log on, there are no new posts. y'all are supposed to entertain me and your doing a pretty horrible job. that was a joke, but not really.

the more i hang out with kolt, the more i wonder if we are just going to be a summer fling. i mean, thats not what i want it to be, but i get the feeling this is a summer hook-up. he lives in lehi, i live in pleasant grove. that's a good twenty minute drive- if your driving fast. once school starts, we will be lost under stacks of homework, internships, baseball, and just highschool friends. oh, and i don't even know what is going to become of us once hunting season rolls around, but i know it wont be good. it makes me worried to think about it. i like kolton, but its hard to connect with someone that is living a completely different life. its going to be hard. bleh, i cant explain this and its not coming out right.

i guess im just trying to say, im going to miss him when school and hunting season starts. i don't want us just to be a summer fling, but its looking more like that every day. i wish summer could stay forever, and then i'd never have to think about not seeing kolt. i wish kolton went to pleasant grove high, it would make life so much easier.

thank the high heavens for this hunk.



now i know its all rainbows and unicorns to hang out with the opposite sex. and i'll admit, hanging out with kolton is one of my favorite past times. but its also awesome when you hang out with the girls too. so tonight, i partied with shannon. we drove around most the night blasting our party music, AKA tech n9ne and sammy adams. the windows were down, and our hair was a-flyin'. for some odd reason, we just happened to find ourselves in lehi. it wasn't intentional at all..... so me and shannon thought since we were in lehi we mind as well go visit my mister. he was working, but we went and said hello anyway. it was good to see that blue eyed boy. we stayed for a good half hour, and then we bought some energy drinks and left. then it was back to party time. we drove around, laughed our freaking butts off, and went and visited creature. (that's for another post) THEN we spotted a UFO. a legit ufo. it was green, so it had to be a ufo. we watched it for about twenty minutes and almost peed our pants. it was flyin' in circles, climbin' in the windows, snatching people up, stopping in mid air, just doin all sorts of weird things. we decided we had to get to the bottom of it. we drove towards the flying saucer, and boom! before we knew it, it was right above us. we screamed, and i locked the doors. i couldn't get a good picture because i was driving, but it definitely was an unidentified object. strangest thing of my life. after that we were so scared we went home, got attacked by the biggest bug ive ever seen in my life, and watched kid history on youtube.

night well spent with shannon.
tell me that's not the nastiest thing you've ever seen!


thank you for the dodges!

i knew there was a reason why i watch nascar

god bless nascar.
the best sport there is.

day eight- three turn ons.
1. sense of humor
2. cowboys.
3. smells good



what a redneck
i look forward to seeing this boy every day.
he makes me unbelievably happy.
me makes me feel safe & protected.
he makes me feel like im the only girl in the world.
i love when he comes up and wraps his arms around me.
or when he holds my pinky instead of my whole hand.
i love when he stays up all night at work, and still
wants to see me the next day.
i love when he lets me sleep on his shoulder
and i get the butterflies when he sings.
i love his crooked smile.
i love that he takes care of me when im a
lazy, grouchy girl on pain medication.
i love sitting in the middle seat in his truck, holding his hand.
i love when he brushes mosquitoes off me,
when i don't notice them.
i love how he introduces me as his girl
and how he loves to show me off.
i even get to hang with the boys.
i love that we've hung out countless times, and
he still comes to my door to get me.
i wish there were more guys like kolton.
i've fallen for him.
this is the happiest ive been in a long, long, long time.
girls, i promise not all guys are jerks.


its your birthday day.

thank the high heavens for pain medication. its amazing. today i went to the doctor for the third time this week. im thankful for doctors who take 14 years out of their lifes, so they can help me. what cool people. anyway, enough of my whining. id just like to say,

happy birthday blog.
your officially one year old, and i love you.
a whole freaking year? i cant believe it.
starting this blog was one of the best idea ive had.
it all started here.
thank you followers.

you could call me famous, i found them advertising my blog in the mall.

otitis externa

im dying. im going to the doctor again today. i cant stand this pain any longer. i usually have a high pain tolerance, but this is the worst pain ive ever felt. i'm taking so many medications, but none of them are helping. i woke up this morning and the right side of my face was swollen. my neck is starting to swell also. in fact its so bad, i cant even open my jaw anymore. thus making it pretty difficult to eat. i think ive had two pieces of bread in the last two days. im miserable. and i know im going to go to the doctor today, and they will give me more medications that don't work. id do anything to make this pain go away. so help me, if this isn't fixed by tim mcgraw, i will have a come-apart.

day seven- four turn offs.
1. bad hygiene
2. talking about other girls
3. disrespectful
4. tells dirty jokes

here come the butterflies.

as if my life couldn't get any better, i did tonight.
the mister came and picked me up around seven and we rounded up all our buddies. i wasn't wearing any makeup tonight, and i feel just perfectly comfortable around him. he tells me im beautiful no matter what. he boosts my self confidence, and for that i will be forever grateful. anyway, we got everyone and headed over to cole's house to light off some huge fireworks. i cant even count how many times me and kolt have watched fireworks this month. its kinda our thing now. after the fireworks we headed out to the middle of the desert for a fire. we backed up the trucks around the fire and let down the tail gates. we had a blazing fire and we all sat on the tail gates and just messed around like teenagers do. then kolt turned on his music in his truck, to some hip hop. the boys all got on the tool box of kolts truck and started to dance. a bunch of white cowboys dancing to rap music is probably the funniest thing ive seen. i was laughing so hard. after they got their energy out, they turned on the good ol' country music. it was getting late, the fire had turned into coals, and it was time to leave. then cole turned on a slow song, and kolt grabbed my hand and pulled me off the tail gate. we started to dance. my butterflies were out of control. i love that kolton didn't mind that other people were there watching us, to him, i was the only one that mattered. and to me, those other people didn't matter either. it was just us two, dancing by the coals of a dying fire. that boy, never fails to give me butterflies. i've always wanted to dance with a cowboy, and tonight my wish came true. kolt, thanks for the most amazing night.

this is the first song we danced to.

this is the second song we danced to.

and of course, he kissed me after this song was over.

then we loaded in the truck, and drove home. he sang to me the whole way.
i get butterflies just thinking about him.


911, whats your emergency?

sunday morning, i woke up with a slight pain in my ear. no big deal. i thought i had gotten some water in it from the beach. i put a few swimmers ear drops in and didn't think much more about it. sunday i flew home from california and when i got to utah, i noticed my ear feeling worse. i took some advil and hoped it would go away. sunday night rolled around, and i was in pain. i didn't sleep one bit sunday night. monday morning came and i couldn't stand the pain any longer. i left work early and had my dad take me to the doctor. the doctor told me i had an ear infection, gave me some antibiotics and sent me off. monday was the day me and kolton went 4 wheeling. i was in pain the entire day, but held it back because i was trying to enjoy my day with kolt. last night when i got home, my ear was causing me excruciating pain. i didn't sleep at all. i was dizzy, had a fever, and even the chills. by this point i hadn't slept in 48 hours and i was going crazy. the ear pain was giving me a headache, and the pain was moving into my jaw also. i woke up my dad at 3 in the morning and told him he needed to take me to the emergency room. we got there, and the doctor told me i had a super bad ear infection. my ear canal was so swollen he couldn't even see my ear drum. i have something called an external infection, which is the worst ear infection you can get. the nurse gave me some loratab while i waited. the doctor came in with a small piece of foam, and jammed it down my ear canal. by this time i was crying because it was so painful. the nurse turned me to my side and put some medicine in my ear. i was so tired at this point that i fell asleep on the bed. so that foam thing, is still in my ear. the small foam piece expanded in my ear, to keep the swelling down. it is going to stay in there for a couple of days. but now, i am partially deaf. i cant hear a dang thing out of my right ear. i got home from the emergency room at five in the morning and i slept like a baby until noon. kolt came over and made me feel much better and kept me company. he was also up all night texting me to comfort me and be there for me while i was in the ER. bless his heart. now, my ear feels 48320 times better and i feel like a brand new woman. loratab is a blessing.

rough. running on no sleep, no shower and loratab.

best day of my summer.

what a perfect summer day spent with kolton.
he picked me up in the early afternoon, and we embarked on the two hour drive through spanish fork canyon into sampete county. the four wheelers were loaded in the truck and drinks were packed. we enjoyed our time catching up, singing country songs and of course laughing. we were absolutley in the middle of no where. thats when we turned onto the dirt road. we drove through the fields, and the farm land. we were headed straight towards the mountains. for the next hour, it was nothing but dirt roads. he showed me around his ranch, and his mountain property. we drove for what seemed like miles up the steep mountain, with the most gorgeous view ive ever seen of the valley below. we finally reached the top of the mountain, and unloaded our gear. we hoped on the four wheeler and went for a ride. lets just say it was the most gorgeous scenery ive ever seen. add a cute cowboy to hang on to and you basically have heaven. we rode on little dirt paths, that were covered  by brush and rocks. we stopped in the middle of no where, and started to hike. kolton knew where he was going, because he'd been there so many times before. i trust this kid. we hiked down to a little pond, that was surrounded by sheep. kolt had fun scaring the sheep away and i just laughed. we checked his deer camera, and hiked  back up to the main trail. we got back on the four wheeler and enjoyed the rest of our afternoon in the mountains. kolton said he wanted to show me something. so i held on tight and put my trust in him yet again. after a few miles on the wheeler, we came to a clearing in the trees and there was a gross looking pond. covered in moss, and stunk like the dickens. but as we got closer to the pond, i noticed that there were frogs everywhere. me and kolton attempted to catch the frogs for a good thirty minutes. no luck. then when we were too tired and hot, we sat down on the ground and talked like we didn't have a care in the world. we listened to the frogs and the sounds of nature. it was probably one of the most relaxing moments of my summer. then the storm clouds started to roll in, so we headed back to the truck. but not before we hit a few jumps on the wheeler. we loaded up, and headed back down the mountain on our two hour journey back to home. he sang the slow country tunes to me, and i fell right asleep, on his shoulder.  i decided he sounds like josh turner when he sings. such a deep, low voice. when we got back to the house in lehi, we ordered pizza and had dinner. his dad decided it would be fun to show me all of kolts baby pictures. he was such a chubby baby! but so adorable, kolton was embarrassed to death. but i didnt care, it was cute. after dinner, we rounded up the crew and went over to gramma becks house to light fireworks. it was nice meeting his whole family, they are so accepting and nice. i can see where he gets his good traits from. after the fireworks in the rain, we headed back to his house and watched pure country. it was kolts turn to sleep, and he fell asleep on my shoulder. hes cute when he sleeps. did i forget to mention he gave me his hoodie to wear tonight? im still wearing it right now. i guess i'll be keeping it for a while. this boy makes me so unbelievably happy, and he has heavy sarcasm just like me. he has a crazy side, but he also has a soft side, which i love. today was one of the most perfect days of summer, spent with the perfect cowboy.

 im wearing the hoodie he has on in that picture.


on the sixth day of blogging

day six- five people who mean a lot.

1. momma clegg
2. my pops
3. shannon ashleigh harris
4. kolton james winn
5. turbo johnston.

this list could go on for days. it was hard choosing 5.


its a pretty cool place

aint that just a nice word? ive spent the last couple weeks away from home, and i really started to miss it towards the end. ive been camping, in disneyland, california... all that fun stuff. but really, dorothy said it best when she said theres no place like home. today i had the hellish adventure of flying home from california all by myself, with a three hour lay over in vegas. it was such a long day, but as i flew into the valley, i didn't really care anymore because i was home. i knew i was home the second i walked off that plane into the salt lake airport.
there isn't anything like that fresh mountain air. or the dry air that we've all become accustomed to. i love that my back yard is the mountains. sure, the beach is nice, but my mountains are better. i love utah. hunting is unheard of in california, but here its considered a sport. where country music isnt looked down apon, but largely accepted. where camo is in style, and cowboy boots arnt out of the ordinary. where people ACTUALLY drive trucks, big ones, with mudflaps. nobody in california would dare drive a diesel truck. california was so fun, but i sure missed home. i plan on sticking around this place for a long time. i just cant seem to give up those mountains.

i also missed kolton while in california. yeah, there are cute surfers in cali, but they are nothing compared to cowboys. im glad i had one waiting for me when i got home.

the best time of the month!

lets venture off into the vast topic of womanhood for a minute. you know that one fun time every 28 days where all you want to do is stay in your pajamas, curled up in the fetal position and watch sappy chick flicks and eat ice cream? yes, i know your surprised, but it actually happens to me too! anyway, when auntie flow is coming for a visit, i usually steer clear of those yucky pads. but even though i don't usually use them, i know we all have some in stock just in case.
so there i was, wandering my favorite isle of the store. feminine hygiene, duh. as i was browsing, always infinity caught my eye. i don't know why, but it did. so i threw it in the cart. here i am to tell you, this is the best pad that has ever been invented! you can actually wear them over night and not worry! they are so thin you can hardly notice them. they don't feel like diapers AND they don't make noise when you move. light, thin, breathable. best pad known to womankind. even though i'll never go back to using nappy pads, they are useful sometimes. so hey, do yourself a favor and buy the best pad ever.

yes, i did just upload a picture of a pad on my blog.

i'll get off my soapbox now.

uno mas

im suffering from a case of i-miss-kolton sickness. good thing ill be seeing that boy monday. me and kolt are going to gramma beck's house to do fireworks with the Winn family. it should be a fun night and im looking forward to it. one thing im not looking forward to is the plane right home tomorrow. its going to be slightly hellish but ill tell you the details later.

day five- six things you wish you'd never done.
1. lied to my parents about anything.
2. cheated my way through math
3. dated corbin in the 9th grade
4. sluffed seminary so many times
5. snuck out of my house
6. stopped going to the gym


shop until i drop

today was a successful day of shopping with my mother, aunt and grandma. spent a good five hours at the mall.

floral top with lace. f21

pink tee with pearl beading. f21
close up of beading

white tank top with lace that ties in back. f21

white jeans. H&M

pencil skirt with bow. H&M

floral chiffon tank with lace. nordstrom

neon scoop neck and white v neck. H&M

cheetah print flats. H&M

classic skinnies. nordstrom

earrings. nordstrom.

shopping cures everything. a case of the homesickness, a case of the i-miss-kolton, and it even cures cramps. try it sometime.

on the fourth day of blogging...

day four-seven things that cross your mind a lot.

1. growing up. i don't ever want to grow up.
2. college. i have no idea where i want to attend.
3. my brother. i miss him a lot.
4. senior year. yes, im dreading it. i loathe school.
5. kolton
6. my job. its stressful
7. my career choice. its going to effect the rest of my life.

and if i could choose 8, i would say cowboys (:


crying over spilt potion

dear harry potter, and world of witchcraft and wizardry. i will miss you dearly. you provided so much entertainment during my childhood and a whole new world of imagination. i love you hogwarts, harry and the rest of the gang. you will all be very much missed by me.

number trois

day three- eight ways to win your heart.

1. make me laugh & smile.
2. give me compliments, and respect me.
3. be a gentleman and be caring.
4. never lie, cheat or twist words.
5. suprise me. i love suprises.
6. be motivated and a hard worker.
7. be a cowboy.
8. sing in front of me, and have a sense of adventure.

pretty sure that was more than 8 but whatever.


one two three, like a bird i sing.

day two- nine things about yourself.

1. i go to costa vida with shannon every friday.
2. i hate tomatoes and peas. well basically all vegetables.
3. my name is hawaiian.
4. id rather run than play any sports
5. id choose water over any other drink
6. i love nail polish, but never paint my nails.
7. id rather cuddle up and watch a movie than go to a party
8. i hate school. despise school, with every fiber of my body.
9. i hope to own a 1993 dodge cummins one day.
definition of sexy

feel free to skip to 7

day one- ten things you want to say to ten different people.
take a gander and try and guess who im taking about.

thank you for sacrificing your whole life for me. you have done so many things for me, i cant even begin to understand it all. you have put up with me through all my hard times. i know im not always the nicest, but your always there. youve been with me through every heart break, and every person that made me cry. you accept me for everything that i am. you will stop at nothing to make me happy. i know we haven't always gotten along, but its only made us stronger. i love you.

from the second i knew you, you were rude to me. you put me down and called me rude things for no reason. you hated me for no reason. you thought things about me that werent true. i never said a word to you, but you were still rude before you even met me. i decided to completely block you from my life. but here we are, almost two years later. you apologized to me. you knew what you did was wrong, and you had the courage to accept your faults. you owned up to your mistakes, and you fixed things. i respect you.

things never went the way we wanted them to. when we were happy, nobody else was. i swear we were destined for failure. but we made it work. we were happy, given the messed up circumstances. you were my best friend, and i loved you. you made me feel special. and then things turned sour, our fairytale was broken and things fell apart. after months of work, we finally got our friendship straightened out. here we are now, years down the road. i don't miss you, and i don't love you. but im glad were friends. you mean a lot to me. you have really showed me how to live. you taught me to push through the hard parts and cherish the good parts. and of course, you showed me what nascar was all about. you brought me into the country life style, and for that i will be forever grateful.

you've taught me more than words can express. i took a leap of faith and took your class. little did i know that your class would change my life forever. you are hands down the worlds best teacher. you taught me more about nursing than i had ever imagined. you made us all laugh, you even made us all cry. you taught me the importance of hard work. you taught me about love, compassion and most of all, believing in yourself. you are my hero.

i met you in the 9th grade. you were the odd one out of the bunch. and that interested me. i got to know you, and i must say you are a hilarious person. you put on a tough outter-shell, and you try to act like a punk. you don't like to let people in, but im glad you let me in. i know you've had a tough life and you like to be a rebel. but you have such a sweet, big heart, and you make me smile. plus you are attractive. i hope one day you can get your life straightened out, because you have so much potential. i love you, and i will always be here for you.

i love you. we have been through so much. i want you to know through all of this stupid crap, that i will always love you. you have been there for me through absolutely everything. i love all of our conversations and there is no one on this earth id rather talk to than you. when i think about you, i always think of summer of 7th grade. we had it good back then. i have so many memories with you, and i will never forget them. when i think of you, all i think of is selflessness. you are so nice to everyone around you. you are an example to me, and i look up to you. i loved discovering what country was all about with you right by my side.

you have my heart. when i met you, i knew you were different. and i was right. you came into my life exacly when i needed somebody most. you picked up my torn heart and mended it back together. you showed me that there are still good guys left in this world. you were the change i needed in my life. your crooked smile, makes my heart flutter. and your singing makes me smile. when you laugh, i laugh. when you hold my hand, i feel so safe. you protect me. you respect me. and best of all, you make me feel like your princess. you never let me touch a door, and you always make sure im comfortable. id rather lay on the grass and talk than do anything else. i love when you teach me new things, and i love when you include me with the boys. you look super hot when you play baseball, or shoot a gun. i love getting ice cream with you every night, its my favorite. i could spend all day in one of your bear hugs. i love our goodnight kisses on my front porch, and i love riding in the middle seat of your truck. you make me completely happy. i like you, a lot. stick around for a while, okay?

i flat out miss you. you were my best friend. and then you moved. you never said a bad thing about me, or anyone else. you are such a strong girl. you put up with so much teasing, and bullying and never let it get you down. your laugh is absolutely contagious. our inside jokes make me laugh so hard. i love your whole family, and i love you. you mean so much to me, and i still wish we were friends.

your basically my lover. ive known you since diapers. its nice having a best friend that lives right across the street. i love seeing your face every day. you and me could laugh for hours about the dumbest things. weve had some pretty wild adventures together. yeah we fight all the time, but its okay we get over it in a few seconds. i love your monkey laugh. we have everything in common, and i like that. your mom is my 2nd mom, and your dad is my 2nd dad. your house is my 2nd home. i love you and your family. many more years to come babe!

i  miss you so much. i think about you every day. i wish time could just go faster. its been six months, but that feels like such a long time. i know your doing a great thing right now, but i could really use a brother right now. i hate being an only child. things at home are boring most the time. i have no one to laugh with at home. i wake up in the morning, and the room next to me is empty. i hate that feeling. i missed you at disneyland. i wish you could be home right now, i could use a big brother.


this heres the wildest wide in the wilderness

i don't think i could ever fully express my love for disneyland to you. i love it more than life itself. i know the inside and out of disneyland. the secrets, the best days to go and all the hidden mickeys. it truly is my second home. i got the chance to go again to the magical kingdom this past weekend. it was amazing. i also had the chance to stay in the disneyland hotel. i absolutely loved it. you know you go to disneyland too much when you recognize faces of the employees. i got the most awesome cars backpack and a cute ring from pirates of the caribbean. i also got to eat at the most delicious blue bayou. if you dont know what that is, i suggest you check it out because it is the best flippin' restaurant in all of disneyland. i ate breakfast at this one place called goofys kitchen. it was probably the best thing that's ever happened to me. it was an all you can eat buffet, and the disney characters walked around the restaurant while you ate. they had the usual breakfast foods, but they also had pizza, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, ice cream, deserts, cookies, cupcakes, crepes and everything else a little kid would love to eat. lets just say it was the best breakfast ive ever had. my personal favorite was the peanut butter and jelly pizza. SO GOOD! anyway, i had a great 3 days and i loved spending it with my daddy. my favorite was when we sat on the benches at night and watched all the people walk by and make funny comments. i really missed my brother though. this was the first time i have been to disneyland without my brother by my side. there was definitely something missing. but all in all, it was a super great trip. oh and the new ariel ride is so cute, and the new star tours is AWESOME!

pb&j pizza, chicken nuggets and bacon for breakfast.

ive been having too much fun

more pictures to come.

wheres melia?

disneyland was such a blast.
disneyland hotel was a blast.
the last 3 days were a blast.
a lot more pictures and stories to come.

but, i did get an awesome cars backpack. and yes i will be using it for school next year.


you are my sunshine

camping? check.
seeing kolt? check.
packing? check.
disneyland? almost check.

im outta here, for 3 days at the magical kingdom, then 2 weeks in california.
im glad kolton came and helped me pack. what a sweet boy.


"from his wranglers to his jeans"

here's the deal. tomorrow morning bright and early, im leaving for girls camp. i wont be back until friday afternoon. friday evening, im leaving for california. saturday, sunday and monday i will be in the magical kingdom, if you havent noticed that countdown on the side of my blog. so, i wont be able to blog until sometime next week. after disneyland, i will be in california for another two weeks. but don't fret, i will have internet access. so, that's what is happening with life in the fast lane.

today i spent the entire day with the mister. he makes me so happy. i went to his baseball game, and boy does he look hot in his uniform. tonight, we laid on the grass while it rained. it wasn't cold, just a warm sprinkle. his puppy laid by us too, and gave us puppy kisses. he took it upon himself to feed me my oreo shake, and made a complete mess. we laid there for a good hour, and just talked and laughed. my favorite part was when he started to sing. that boy loves to sing. i couldn't hear anything except crickets and his voice. it put a smile on my face. he does anything possible to make me happy. im thankful he came along. and im thankful for his parents who taught him what respect was.

i sure am going to miss him while im gone on vacation.



i love it too, kolt.

best thing ive ever heard.

With time, women gain weight because we accumulate so much information & wisdom in our heads that when there is no more room, it distributes out to the rest of our bodies. So we aren't heavy, we are enormously cultured, educated & happy. Beginning today, when I look at my butt in the mirror I will think, good grief look how smart I am, I must be a genius!

read this, its worth it.

im sure your all sick of me talking about the mister, but who cares its my darn blog and i like talking about him. but before i do, i must give a shout out  to hailey. she recently went to a nascar race, and dang, i must say im jealous. her recent spark with nascar has really put a smile on my face. im glad there is another person at pleasant grove high that enjoys a good race. hailey is such a cute girl.

anyway. want to hear my night? sure you do.
kolton took me on a date.
first, we went to texas road house. i had a blast, and they had the nascar race going on the tv.
second, we practiced roping each other in his backyard.
third, we went to the steel days carnival and went on rides. i started to cry i was laughing so hard.
fourth, i saw so many of my old friends at the carnival, and kolt introduced me to some of his buds.
fifth, we watched fireworks snuggled up in a blanket in the back of his truck.
sixth, we laid in his front yard for an hour and looked at the stars and talked about everything.
seventh, he kissed me.

yeah. we had our first kiss tonight. was it romantic? absolutely not. was it perfect? absolutely. i was hoping our first kiss would be somewhere magical, but it ended up being on my front porch. but you know what? im completely okay with that, because i like him either way.

and yes, tonight was a freaking great night. anything i do with that boy, is fun. im never bored when im with him, not even for a second.
pretty sure i just kissed the cutest hunter around.


my life recentley

plus lots of mosquito bites, cold drinks & one cowboy in particular.