12 gauge

yeah, i officially have a case of the butterflies. the mister came and picked me up tonight and said he had something planned. oh FYI, i really love a boy who comes to my door to pick me up, and walks me back to the door when were finished. he's such a gentleman. we drove up into provo canyon, to the provo gun club. i just thought to myself, oh crap. i had never really shot a gun before, let alone tried to aim one. the mister bought us some clay pigeons and then he taught me how to shoot and aim at a flying target. when the kick of the gun knocked me back, the mister was right there to catch me. the mister stood right by me the entire time and reloaded my gun for me after every shot. he was there for advice and words of encouragement, which made me feel safe and confident. i had a total of 25 flying discs to shoot at, and only hit two. you should have seen the look on the misters face when i shot my first clay. it made me feel like a million bucks. i felt like a bucket of crap because i had only hit two clays, but the mister told me that i did awesome for my first time. i knew he was just saying it to make me feel better, but hey, it worked. the mister totally kicked butt at shooting. he hit 18 out of the 25 clays. i must say, he looks pretty dang hot while shooting his gun. after we were finished shooting, we drove all the way to the top of the mountain to squaw peak, to watch the sunset. it was absolutely beautiful. we drove back out of the canyon and the mister held my hand while he sang at the top of his lungs. he is so cute when he sings. we got to my house, and he met my best friend shannon for the first time. i said goodbye to the mister, and he left. shannon turned to me and said "he is perfect for you."
i think shannon is right.

triple threat hunting baby!

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