911, whats your emergency?

sunday morning, i woke up with a slight pain in my ear. no big deal. i thought i had gotten some water in it from the beach. i put a few swimmers ear drops in and didn't think much more about it. sunday i flew home from california and when i got to utah, i noticed my ear feeling worse. i took some advil and hoped it would go away. sunday night rolled around, and i was in pain. i didn't sleep one bit sunday night. monday morning came and i couldn't stand the pain any longer. i left work early and had my dad take me to the doctor. the doctor told me i had an ear infection, gave me some antibiotics and sent me off. monday was the day me and kolton went 4 wheeling. i was in pain the entire day, but held it back because i was trying to enjoy my day with kolt. last night when i got home, my ear was causing me excruciating pain. i didn't sleep at all. i was dizzy, had a fever, and even the chills. by this point i hadn't slept in 48 hours and i was going crazy. the ear pain was giving me a headache, and the pain was moving into my jaw also. i woke up my dad at 3 in the morning and told him he needed to take me to the emergency room. we got there, and the doctor told me i had a super bad ear infection. my ear canal was so swollen he couldn't even see my ear drum. i have something called an external infection, which is the worst ear infection you can get. the nurse gave me some loratab while i waited. the doctor came in with a small piece of foam, and jammed it down my ear canal. by this time i was crying because it was so painful. the nurse turned me to my side and put some medicine in my ear. i was so tired at this point that i fell asleep on the bed. so that foam thing, is still in my ear. the small foam piece expanded in my ear, to keep the swelling down. it is going to stay in there for a couple of days. but now, i am partially deaf. i cant hear a dang thing out of my right ear. i got home from the emergency room at five in the morning and i slept like a baby until noon. kolt came over and made me feel much better and kept me company. he was also up all night texting me to comfort me and be there for me while i was in the ER. bless his heart. now, my ear feels 48320 times better and i feel like a brand new woman. loratab is a blessing.

rough. running on no sleep, no shower and loratab.


Binnna! said...

Not even going to lie this exact thing happened to me two weeks ago! Except it was in both ears and I wanted to die. Lucky for you that you had a man to make it all better!

Love reading your blog :)


mardiiiii said...

worst pain i've ever been in.
i also went to the emergency room and got me some lortab.
oh dear.
i get exactly how you feel.
worst thing ever.