best day of my summer.

what a perfect summer day spent with kolton.
he picked me up in the early afternoon, and we embarked on the two hour drive through spanish fork canyon into sampete county. the four wheelers were loaded in the truck and drinks were packed. we enjoyed our time catching up, singing country songs and of course laughing. we were absolutley in the middle of no where. thats when we turned onto the dirt road. we drove through the fields, and the farm land. we were headed straight towards the mountains. for the next hour, it was nothing but dirt roads. he showed me around his ranch, and his mountain property. we drove for what seemed like miles up the steep mountain, with the most gorgeous view ive ever seen of the valley below. we finally reached the top of the mountain, and unloaded our gear. we hoped on the four wheeler and went for a ride. lets just say it was the most gorgeous scenery ive ever seen. add a cute cowboy to hang on to and you basically have heaven. we rode on little dirt paths, that were covered  by brush and rocks. we stopped in the middle of no where, and started to hike. kolton knew where he was going, because he'd been there so many times before. i trust this kid. we hiked down to a little pond, that was surrounded by sheep. kolt had fun scaring the sheep away and i just laughed. we checked his deer camera, and hiked  back up to the main trail. we got back on the four wheeler and enjoyed the rest of our afternoon in the mountains. kolton said he wanted to show me something. so i held on tight and put my trust in him yet again. after a few miles on the wheeler, we came to a clearing in the trees and there was a gross looking pond. covered in moss, and stunk like the dickens. but as we got closer to the pond, i noticed that there were frogs everywhere. me and kolton attempted to catch the frogs for a good thirty minutes. no luck. then when we were too tired and hot, we sat down on the ground and talked like we didn't have a care in the world. we listened to the frogs and the sounds of nature. it was probably one of the most relaxing moments of my summer. then the storm clouds started to roll in, so we headed back to the truck. but not before we hit a few jumps on the wheeler. we loaded up, and headed back down the mountain on our two hour journey back to home. he sang the slow country tunes to me, and i fell right asleep, on his shoulder.  i decided he sounds like josh turner when he sings. such a deep, low voice. when we got back to the house in lehi, we ordered pizza and had dinner. his dad decided it would be fun to show me all of kolts baby pictures. he was such a chubby baby! but so adorable, kolton was embarrassed to death. but i didnt care, it was cute. after dinner, we rounded up the crew and went over to gramma becks house to light fireworks. it was nice meeting his whole family, they are so accepting and nice. i can see where he gets his good traits from. after the fireworks in the rain, we headed back to his house and watched pure country. it was kolts turn to sleep, and he fell asleep on my shoulder. hes cute when he sleeps. did i forget to mention he gave me his hoodie to wear tonight? im still wearing it right now. i guess i'll be keeping it for a while. this boy makes me so unbelievably happy, and he has heavy sarcasm just like me. he has a crazy side, but he also has a soft side, which i love. today was one of the most perfect days of summer, spent with the perfect cowboy.

 im wearing the hoodie he has on in that picture.

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