first time ive worried all summer.

im really chapped that i follow so many people on blogger, yet when i log on, there are no new posts. y'all are supposed to entertain me and your doing a pretty horrible job. that was a joke, but not really.

the more i hang out with kolt, the more i wonder if we are just going to be a summer fling. i mean, thats not what i want it to be, but i get the feeling this is a summer hook-up. he lives in lehi, i live in pleasant grove. that's a good twenty minute drive- if your driving fast. once school starts, we will be lost under stacks of homework, internships, baseball, and just highschool friends. oh, and i don't even know what is going to become of us once hunting season rolls around, but i know it wont be good. it makes me worried to think about it. i like kolton, but its hard to connect with someone that is living a completely different life. its going to be hard. bleh, i cant explain this and its not coming out right.

i guess im just trying to say, im going to miss him when school and hunting season starts. i don't want us just to be a summer fling, but its looking more like that every day. i wish summer could stay forever, and then i'd never have to think about not seeing kolt. i wish kolton went to pleasant grove high, it would make life so much easier.

thank the high heavens for this hunk.

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