"from his wranglers to his jeans"

here's the deal. tomorrow morning bright and early, im leaving for girls camp. i wont be back until friday afternoon. friday evening, im leaving for california. saturday, sunday and monday i will be in the magical kingdom, if you havent noticed that countdown on the side of my blog. so, i wont be able to blog until sometime next week. after disneyland, i will be in california for another two weeks. but don't fret, i will have internet access. so, that's what is happening with life in the fast lane.

today i spent the entire day with the mister. he makes me so happy. i went to his baseball game, and boy does he look hot in his uniform. tonight, we laid on the grass while it rained. it wasn't cold, just a warm sprinkle. his puppy laid by us too, and gave us puppy kisses. he took it upon himself to feed me my oreo shake, and made a complete mess. we laid there for a good hour, and just talked and laughed. my favorite part was when he started to sing. that boy loves to sing. i couldn't hear anything except crickets and his voice. it put a smile on my face. he does anything possible to make me happy. im thankful he came along. and im thankful for his parents who taught him what respect was.

i sure am going to miss him while im gone on vacation.

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Yes, really.