here come the butterflies.

as if my life couldn't get any better, i did tonight.
the mister came and picked me up around seven and we rounded up all our buddies. i wasn't wearing any makeup tonight, and i feel just perfectly comfortable around him. he tells me im beautiful no matter what. he boosts my self confidence, and for that i will be forever grateful. anyway, we got everyone and headed over to cole's house to light off some huge fireworks. i cant even count how many times me and kolt have watched fireworks this month. its kinda our thing now. after the fireworks we headed out to the middle of the desert for a fire. we backed up the trucks around the fire and let down the tail gates. we had a blazing fire and we all sat on the tail gates and just messed around like teenagers do. then kolt turned on his music in his truck, to some hip hop. the boys all got on the tool box of kolts truck and started to dance. a bunch of white cowboys dancing to rap music is probably the funniest thing ive seen. i was laughing so hard. after they got their energy out, they turned on the good ol' country music. it was getting late, the fire had turned into coals, and it was time to leave. then cole turned on a slow song, and kolt grabbed my hand and pulled me off the tail gate. we started to dance. my butterflies were out of control. i love that kolton didn't mind that other people were there watching us, to him, i was the only one that mattered. and to me, those other people didn't matter either. it was just us two, dancing by the coals of a dying fire. that boy, never fails to give me butterflies. i've always wanted to dance with a cowboy, and tonight my wish came true. kolt, thanks for the most amazing night.

this is the first song we danced to.

this is the second song we danced to.

and of course, he kissed me after this song was over.

then we loaded in the truck, and drove home. he sang to me the whole way.
i get butterflies just thinking about him.

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Kelsey said...

i love this.
he sounds wonderful.