hey romeo, lets go down to mexico

tonight was another successful night with the mister. tonight, he met my parents. i was slightly nervous about it, but i had no reason to be nervous because he made things go so smoothly. he shook my dads hand, and looked him in the eyes like a real man should. he called my parents by sir and ma'am. i like a boy that respects my parents as much as he respects me. yet again, he didn't let me touch a single door. he always makes sure im happy & comfortable. and of course he had me laughing the whole night. he is such a gentleman, just how i like them. he drove all the way from his house in lehi, to pick me up, just so we could go back to his house. my favorite part of the evening was when we sat on the tail gate of his truck and watched the most amazing summer thunderstorm. we weren't talking, but we didn't feel like we had to. he might have even held my hand, but that's whatever. the silence wasn't awkward. ive only known this mister for a week, but something about him makes me feel like i'll be knowing him for a lot longer. tonight, on the ride home he sang me one of my favorite country songs, love your love the most by eric church. i kid you not, i almost started crying. i love that song so much. i think things are going in the right direction. im not saying were in love, because were not even close. im not even saying were a couple, but if things keep going the way they're going, we might have a keeper.

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Binnna! said...

Ahh, your life is like a fairy tail! So frikin cute. When do we get to meet this mysterious cowboy? :)