lets get a little mud on the tires

im the only person in my family that likes country music. none of my extended family likes country music either, with the exception of maybe one. as you should know, brad paisley is singing this year at the stadium of fire. ive never been to the stadium of fire, and my family never had any interest to go. i remember a few months ago i saw a billboard for the stadium of fire, and i said "look brad paisley is playing, i want to go!" and that's all that was ever said about it. i had absolutely no intentions of going to the stadium of fire, even though i wish i could to see brad. the thought of going never crossed my mind again, because i knew it wasn't going to happen. well, that was until last night. last night when i got home, my mom and all my cousins were waiting to tell me that we were going to the stadium of fire. months before when i had mentioned i wanted to go, my mom took notice of that. she talked it over with my aunt and the rest of the family and they decided to get tickets. for months now they have kept it hidden from me, not letting it slip at all. even my younger cousins have kept it a secret from me, which is amazing. i love my family so much, not only did they surprise me with tickets to see my brad paisley, they are also sacrificing for me, because none of them like country music. i have one awesome family.

see ya tomorrow, stadium of fire.

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Lexi. said...

i am beyond jealous that your going. my mom refuses to take me to stadium of fire because of the crazy traffic.