that would be the boy i never shut up about.
kolton is a shaggy blond head with baby blue eyes.
he stands at six foot two with a large build.
he loves hunting more than life itself.
he plays baseball, and loves anything outdoors.
he is obsessed with gatorade.
hes a sucker for chris ledoux & brantley gilbert.
he drives a ford, and loves his country music.
he loves to sing to me, and he makes me feel safe.
he is a gentleman, respectful and completely honest.
he rides bulls in the rodeo, and can quote the movie 8 seconds word for word.
he is the nicest, sweetest and most mature guy ive met.
he is such a shy boy, but he opens up quick.
he can make me laugh, and hes good at telling stories.
he gives me butterflies, and loves to teach me new things.
ive never heard a mean thing come out of his mouth, hes such an example to me.
i still have so much more to learn about this boy, and you will be hearing about him a lot more.
i like him.
so everyone, say hello to the newest addition to my life.