its a pretty cool place

aint that just a nice word? ive spent the last couple weeks away from home, and i really started to miss it towards the end. ive been camping, in disneyland, california... all that fun stuff. but really, dorothy said it best when she said theres no place like home. today i had the hellish adventure of flying home from california all by myself, with a three hour lay over in vegas. it was such a long day, but as i flew into the valley, i didn't really care anymore because i was home. i knew i was home the second i walked off that plane into the salt lake airport.
there isn't anything like that fresh mountain air. or the dry air that we've all become accustomed to. i love that my back yard is the mountains. sure, the beach is nice, but my mountains are better. i love utah. hunting is unheard of in california, but here its considered a sport. where country music isnt looked down apon, but largely accepted. where camo is in style, and cowboy boots arnt out of the ordinary. where people ACTUALLY drive trucks, big ones, with mudflaps. nobody in california would dare drive a diesel truck. california was so fun, but i sure missed home. i plan on sticking around this place for a long time. i just cant seem to give up those mountains.

i also missed kolton while in california. yeah, there are cute surfers in cali, but they are nothing compared to cowboys. im glad i had one waiting for me when i got home.

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