jimmy dean

its brad paisley day.

this morning i experienced a little slice of hell.
it was quite the ordeal.
no, i didn't wake up at the buttcrack of dawn to go see the balloons. i had to go to work for a staff meeting type of thing. we usually just play games at our staff meetings but today my boss had a little something different in mind. first of all, we had to tread water in the deep end for a half hour. NO STOPPING. as if treading water for that long isn't difficult enough, we had to hold a ten pound brick above our head. you may not think that is hard, but i assure you it was one of the most difficult things ive ever done in my entire life. usually when you tread water, you use your arms also. but when both your arms are above your head holding a brick, you cant use them. so, for thirty minutes, i could only use my legs. pure hell im telling ya. as if that wasn't enough, we played this game called "deep water bobbing" i wouldn't really call it a game, but whatever floats their boat. for deep water bobbing, everyone takes a breathe at the same time and sinks themselves to the bottom of the 13 foot pool. there you sit at the bottom, and try to hold your breath as long as you can. the last three people that come to the surface, win. the goal is to hold your breathe the longest. this game lasts FOREVER. and after treading water for a half hour, its really hard to hold your breath. that game sucked too.
now heres the real fun. after treading, holding the brick, and holding our breaths, i had to swim 1500 meters. for all you math nerds out there, that is sixty laps. yes, 60 laps. lets just say it was the longest morning of my life. usually the pool is all fun and games, but mornings like these really suck.

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