now i know its all rainbows and unicorns to hang out with the opposite sex. and i'll admit, hanging out with kolton is one of my favorite past times. but its also awesome when you hang out with the girls too. so tonight, i partied with shannon. we drove around most the night blasting our party music, AKA tech n9ne and sammy adams. the windows were down, and our hair was a-flyin'. for some odd reason, we just happened to find ourselves in lehi. it wasn't intentional at all..... so me and shannon thought since we were in lehi we mind as well go visit my mister. he was working, but we went and said hello anyway. it was good to see that blue eyed boy. we stayed for a good half hour, and then we bought some energy drinks and left. then it was back to party time. we drove around, laughed our freaking butts off, and went and visited creature. (that's for another post) THEN we spotted a UFO. a legit ufo. it was green, so it had to be a ufo. we watched it for about twenty minutes and almost peed our pants. it was flyin' in circles, climbin' in the windows, snatching people up, stopping in mid air, just doin all sorts of weird things. we decided we had to get to the bottom of it. we drove towards the flying saucer, and boom! before we knew it, it was right above us. we screamed, and i locked the doors. i couldn't get a good picture because i was driving, but it definitely was an unidentified object. strangest thing of my life. after that we were so scared we went home, got attacked by the biggest bug ive ever seen in my life, and watched kid history on youtube.

night well spent with shannon.
tell me that's not the nastiest thing you've ever seen!

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