otitis externa

im dying. im going to the doctor again today. i cant stand this pain any longer. i usually have a high pain tolerance, but this is the worst pain ive ever felt. i'm taking so many medications, but none of them are helping. i woke up this morning and the right side of my face was swollen. my neck is starting to swell also. in fact its so bad, i cant even open my jaw anymore. thus making it pretty difficult to eat. i think ive had two pieces of bread in the last two days. im miserable. and i know im going to go to the doctor today, and they will give me more medications that don't work. id do anything to make this pain go away. so help me, if this isn't fixed by tim mcgraw, i will have a come-apart.

day seven- four turn offs.
1. bad hygiene
2. talking about other girls
3. disrespectful
4. tells dirty jokes

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