read this, its worth it.

im sure your all sick of me talking about the mister, but who cares its my darn blog and i like talking about him. but before i do, i must give a shout out  to hailey. she recently went to a nascar race, and dang, i must say im jealous. her recent spark with nascar has really put a smile on my face. im glad there is another person at pleasant grove high that enjoys a good race. hailey is such a cute girl.

anyway. want to hear my night? sure you do.
kolton took me on a date.
first, we went to texas road house. i had a blast, and they had the nascar race going on the tv.
second, we practiced roping each other in his backyard.
third, we went to the steel days carnival and went on rides. i started to cry i was laughing so hard.
fourth, i saw so many of my old friends at the carnival, and kolt introduced me to some of his buds.
fifth, we watched fireworks snuggled up in a blanket in the back of his truck.
sixth, we laid in his front yard for an hour and looked at the stars and talked about everything.
seventh, he kissed me.

yeah. we had our first kiss tonight. was it romantic? absolutely not. was it perfect? absolutely. i was hoping our first kiss would be somewhere magical, but it ended up being on my front porch. but you know what? im completely okay with that, because i like him either way.

and yes, tonight was a freaking great night. anything i do with that boy, is fun. im never bored when im with him, not even for a second.
pretty sure i just kissed the cutest hunter around.


blondie7820 said...

I'd press the like button right about now,
if they had one. (:

first kisses in front of your house are the best,

Binnna! said...

I don't even know you but I love reading about your life! haha! Your blogs always make me giggle. Oh man enjoy it he seems like a REAL keeper. Those are hard to come about these days!