so turn it on, and turn it up.

stadium of fire last night? yeah i enjoyed myself quite a bit. ive been in love with brad paisley since day one, and last night my love for brad increased by fifty. he is such a stud. his music is amazing, it has meaning to it, and it can always put me in a good mood. i feel very strongly about brads song "this is country music." the words in that song are so true, and remind all the country music fans why they became fans in the first place. when i hear that song on my ipod or the radio, it never fails to give me chills. last night when he sang it at his concert, i got the chills yet again. that song is the song to my life. that song shows the world what country music is about. i love brad paisley.
ive said it before, and ill say it again.
 thank goodness for country music.

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