take it or leave it.

i don't know what skrillex is, or what the latest fashion is. i don't know the newest or most popular bands and i don't know what the latest celebrity drama is. i don't know how to style my hair, and ive never been to a rave. i don't go to parties on friday nights and i don't wear fake nails. i sure as heck have never had a pedicure, and i don't know how to wear red lip stick. i don't know how to dance and im not popular. i don't have a million friends, and im not popular at school. im shy, and don't put myself out there. i don't know how to start a conversation. but i  know how to rock a pair of cowboy boots, and i know how to shoot a gun. i know how to change the transmission fluid in a truck, and i sure as heck know all the latest and greatest country music. i know what kind of truck is coming before is see it, and i know if the truck runs on gas or diesel fuel just by looking at it. i know how to work a bow, and i could find my way to cabelas blind folded. i know how to start a fire, and how to pitch a tent. i know how to lasso, and i eat meat. i know what a skoal ring is, and i could hike all day if i wanted to. i know what a neon moon is, and i know that cowboys are sexier than anything else on earth. i'd rather watch a sunset than go shopping. i know more nascar drivers than i do famous people. id rather watch the country music awards than the grammys. i know more about the inside of stock car, than i do about make-up. id rather wear a carhartt than a cardigan. i know more redneck jokes than i do dumb blonde jokes. i'd rather hang out with cowboys than jocks. i don't go scouting for the cutest skirt, i go scouting for deer. id rather go muck around with my boots on in the mud, than prance around in heels.

im country, and that's how its going to stay. i love living this way, and id never change a thing. i wish everyone could have a taste of the country life. its so relaxed and simple. people that are country, just understand. i cant describe to you the love i have for this lifestyle. no i don't live on a flippin' farm, or own horses. i don't claim to be a cowgirl, and i never will. but i know im a country girl and no one else's opinion is going to change that.

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