this heres the wildest wide in the wilderness

i don't think i could ever fully express my love for disneyland to you. i love it more than life itself. i know the inside and out of disneyland. the secrets, the best days to go and all the hidden mickeys. it truly is my second home. i got the chance to go again to the magical kingdom this past weekend. it was amazing. i also had the chance to stay in the disneyland hotel. i absolutely loved it. you know you go to disneyland too much when you recognize faces of the employees. i got the most awesome cars backpack and a cute ring from pirates of the caribbean. i also got to eat at the most delicious blue bayou. if you dont know what that is, i suggest you check it out because it is the best flippin' restaurant in all of disneyland. i ate breakfast at this one place called goofys kitchen. it was probably the best thing that's ever happened to me. it was an all you can eat buffet, and the disney characters walked around the restaurant while you ate. they had the usual breakfast foods, but they also had pizza, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, ice cream, deserts, cookies, cupcakes, crepes and everything else a little kid would love to eat. lets just say it was the best breakfast ive ever had. my personal favorite was the peanut butter and jelly pizza. SO GOOD! anyway, i had a great 3 days and i loved spending it with my daddy. my favorite was when we sat on the benches at night and watched all the people walk by and make funny comments. i really missed my brother though. this was the first time i have been to disneyland without my brother by my side. there was definitely something missing. but all in all, it was a super great trip. oh and the new ariel ride is so cute, and the new star tours is AWESOME!

pb&j pizza, chicken nuggets and bacon for breakfast.

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