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day one- ten things you want to say to ten different people.
take a gander and try and guess who im taking about.

thank you for sacrificing your whole life for me. you have done so many things for me, i cant even begin to understand it all. you have put up with me through all my hard times. i know im not always the nicest, but your always there. youve been with me through every heart break, and every person that made me cry. you accept me for everything that i am. you will stop at nothing to make me happy. i know we haven't always gotten along, but its only made us stronger. i love you.

from the second i knew you, you were rude to me. you put me down and called me rude things for no reason. you hated me for no reason. you thought things about me that werent true. i never said a word to you, but you were still rude before you even met me. i decided to completely block you from my life. but here we are, almost two years later. you apologized to me. you knew what you did was wrong, and you had the courage to accept your faults. you owned up to your mistakes, and you fixed things. i respect you.

things never went the way we wanted them to. when we were happy, nobody else was. i swear we were destined for failure. but we made it work. we were happy, given the messed up circumstances. you were my best friend, and i loved you. you made me feel special. and then things turned sour, our fairytale was broken and things fell apart. after months of work, we finally got our friendship straightened out. here we are now, years down the road. i don't miss you, and i don't love you. but im glad were friends. you mean a lot to me. you have really showed me how to live. you taught me to push through the hard parts and cherish the good parts. and of course, you showed me what nascar was all about. you brought me into the country life style, and for that i will be forever grateful.

you've taught me more than words can express. i took a leap of faith and took your class. little did i know that your class would change my life forever. you are hands down the worlds best teacher. you taught me more about nursing than i had ever imagined. you made us all laugh, you even made us all cry. you taught me the importance of hard work. you taught me about love, compassion and most of all, believing in yourself. you are my hero.

i met you in the 9th grade. you were the odd one out of the bunch. and that interested me. i got to know you, and i must say you are a hilarious person. you put on a tough outter-shell, and you try to act like a punk. you don't like to let people in, but im glad you let me in. i know you've had a tough life and you like to be a rebel. but you have such a sweet, big heart, and you make me smile. plus you are attractive. i hope one day you can get your life straightened out, because you have so much potential. i love you, and i will always be here for you.

i love you. we have been through so much. i want you to know through all of this stupid crap, that i will always love you. you have been there for me through absolutely everything. i love all of our conversations and there is no one on this earth id rather talk to than you. when i think about you, i always think of summer of 7th grade. we had it good back then. i have so many memories with you, and i will never forget them. when i think of you, all i think of is selflessness. you are so nice to everyone around you. you are an example to me, and i look up to you. i loved discovering what country was all about with you right by my side.

you have my heart. when i met you, i knew you were different. and i was right. you came into my life exacly when i needed somebody most. you picked up my torn heart and mended it back together. you showed me that there are still good guys left in this world. you were the change i needed in my life. your crooked smile, makes my heart flutter. and your singing makes me smile. when you laugh, i laugh. when you hold my hand, i feel so safe. you protect me. you respect me. and best of all, you make me feel like your princess. you never let me touch a door, and you always make sure im comfortable. id rather lay on the grass and talk than do anything else. i love when you teach me new things, and i love when you include me with the boys. you look super hot when you play baseball, or shoot a gun. i love getting ice cream with you every night, its my favorite. i could spend all day in one of your bear hugs. i love our goodnight kisses on my front porch, and i love riding in the middle seat of your truck. you make me completely happy. i like you, a lot. stick around for a while, okay?

i flat out miss you. you were my best friend. and then you moved. you never said a bad thing about me, or anyone else. you are such a strong girl. you put up with so much teasing, and bullying and never let it get you down. your laugh is absolutely contagious. our inside jokes make me laugh so hard. i love your whole family, and i love you. you mean so much to me, and i still wish we were friends.

your basically my lover. ive known you since diapers. its nice having a best friend that lives right across the street. i love seeing your face every day. you and me could laugh for hours about the dumbest things. weve had some pretty wild adventures together. yeah we fight all the time, but its okay we get over it in a few seconds. i love your monkey laugh. we have everything in common, and i like that. your mom is my 2nd mom, and your dad is my 2nd dad. your house is my 2nd home. i love you and your family. many more years to come babe!

i  miss you so much. i think about you every day. i wish time could just go faster. its been six months, but that feels like such a long time. i know your doing a great thing right now, but i could really use a brother right now. i hate being an only child. things at home are boring most the time. i have no one to laugh with at home. i wake up in the morning, and the room next to me is empty. i hate that feeling. i missed you at disneyland. i wish you could be home right now, i could use a big brother.

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