god gave me you

this song may or may not make me teary eyed.
god gave me you for the ups and downs, god gave me you for the moments of the doubt.
thank you everyone in my life that pushes me forward when i cant move another step.


some people's stupid comments

that awkward moment when a man asks you if you ride horses, and you shamefully say no. he says "oh well i thought since your were wearing boots you were a cowgirl" then you walk away feeling your self-confidence deflate. you whisper under your breath "i wish."

shoot, that was an awkward five seconds.

lets clarify something here. i don't consider myself a cowgirl in any way, shape or form. even though some days i wish i were. but i do consider myself a hick with a dash of redneck. you don't have to be a cowgirl to wear boots. i think boots are ridiculously cute and comfortable, everyone should wear them. i usually tend to get into the muddy side of things, and boots always just work better than normal shoes. the man's stupid comment today made me mad, acting like only people that rode horses could wear boots. well kiss my bahookie, dude. i'll wear boots if i dang well please, if i ride horses or not.


we should get jerseys, cause we make a good team.

music. i talk about music more than i talk about cowboys on this blog. okay, so not really, but close. back when i was a youngin, at the age of twelve, my friend trent introduced me to a band called relient k. i remember the exact moment i heard the first song, and what song it was. relient k kind of struck a heart string. it was the time in my life where i still listened to whatever my parents played so i didn't really know what music i liked. relient k was really the first band i ever loved. since the day trent burned me the first CD, relient k has been my all time favorite band. they arnt country, shocking i know. but i didn't always used to love country. relient k has been there for me through every hard time. i know its cheesy, but its true. the words they sing have always made me feel better. i think angie will back me up on this, but relient k was our band of choice during junior high. i know the words to every one of their song. a relient k song holds the record for the most played song on my ipod. i think you get the point, relient k is my favorite. i will forever and always love relient k, and they will always be my ultimate favorite band. the first concert i ever attended was a relient k concert, and it was unbelievably amazing. it was even on my birthday which made it even more perfect. i remember being in the front row, next to the stage watching matthew thiessen sing and getting chills all over. best concert of my entire life.

P.S. they sing a song that is ten minutes long, and it makes me cry. its such a powerful song. when they sang this song in concert, the whole entire audience went absolutely silent, and we all sang this song together acapella. it was the best concert experience of my life. i will never forget that moment. i still get chills four years later thinking about it. 
 5:15 is where it starts to get really good.

blah, blah, blah. who am i kidding, none of you are going to listen to it anyway.

tougher than the rest

all in favor for kisses in the rain, say i.


i hung out with kolton tonight for the first time in a while. you probably thought he just fell off the face of the earth. nope, hes not off the hook that easy. tonight was a pretty relaxed night. we went to the gas station, got a drink and rented a movie. i chose insidious. i was in the mood for a scary movie. koltons parents joined us for the movie, and it was hilarious. koltons mom screamed at everything and it just made me laugh. it made the movie one hundred times better. but really, that movie was freaky. id suggest it. after the movie me and kolton watched country music videos and listened to the thunder storm outside. then he drove me home, while we sang the songs on "our" cd. it was a good saturday night.


girl i cant wait to watch you do your thing

my theme song.
because i love country music.



i just purchased jason aldean tickets. i cried, maybe. best purchase of my entire life? i think so. im going with two of my best friends, shelby and zach. its going to be the greatest, six of us all going together. its going to be my kinda party. october twenty second is going to be the best night of my entire existence. ive waited for this day for two years.


i call it prison

some days i want to come out from behind my wall waving that white flag. telling everyone that i surrender, i give up and i don't want to try anymore. some days i wake up and wonder if these battles are really worth fighting. its been three days of school, and i hate it. not a single person has came up to me and tried to start a conversation with me. am i really that bad? i guess so. you know what else grinds my gears? when people make fun of the handicapt kids at school. i was walking down the hall when my most favorite friend from the special needs class started walking towards me. the girl next to me grabbed my arm tight and said "oh my gosh, im so scared of him!" i think a vein popped in my neck. i absolutely CAN'T stand when people say stuff like that, and right in front of him too. do you really think they are that stupid? just because they have a disability doesn't mean that they cant understand you. im pretty sure you hurt his feelings. way to go. and your lucky i didn't punch you in your face. the immaturity level at the school never ceases to amaze me. its pathetic. the kids that shove and push people to get through are completely rude. i honestly don't know what happened to manners. and the kids that think they are above the authority? yeah, they are super cool. the ones that have their pants down to their knees and have a bag of weed in their back pocket, yep, they are cool too. oh, or the place at the bottom of the stairs where all the dance team and football players crowd to talk while they block the rest of the hall because they think they have a birth right or something? give me a break. the only two classes that i enjoy are my aerobics class and my internship class with jan hawke. in my internship class we can all act like adults. its such a concept, right? nobody talks while the teacher is talking, because were respectful and mature. there is no stupid jokes, or trash talking or the F bomb blurted aloud. there is absolutely no excuses in that class. no late work, and no procrastinating. we've already had 3 assignments, and none of them were easy. there is a high standard that we have to meet. we are all expected to act like adults, so we do. students in internship class actually have the desire to learn and want to go places in life. people in internship class are motivated and i like that. i can walk into internship class, away from that dumpy place they call the high school, and just feel at peace. ask anyone who is in that class, it is completely different than any other class at the school. its mature, and i like that. i'll never drop out, because im not that dumb. but some days i wish i could surrender.

me and angie go to cabelas to relax after school.
its my happy spot.


oh heaven help me

boring as heck. my teachers hair makes me chuckle. the ticking time clock drives me insane. it clicks every minute. so annoying. i can tell she is very organized. i am not organized.

i don't dance. at all. what the $#&* was i thinking.

couldn't really fight my way out of this one. hopefully i get a decent teacher. at least i know i wont have homework in this class.

going to american fork hospital. i already cant wait until im apart of this team. i get an ID badge and everything, i feel really official. i have a packet of about 40 papers i need to fill out before i can even enter the hospital. i even have to get shots, just for the internship. i love the medical field. except for the fact i have to give a thirty minute presentation. kill me.

this has potential to be a decent class. i sit by some cool people and i already like the teacher. she is super relaxed and thats how i like it. good thing i already announced to the whole class that i enjoy nascar. bring on the jokes.

this class WILL be the death of me. i got myself in a little too deep on this one. teacher man said the whole class is based off algebra. good thing i don't know a lick of math. this class is going to be pure hell. i have to do a science fair project, all on my own.

digital photo
i already like the teacher. hes kicked back and makes funny jokes. i like funny teachers. i also sit by a lot of cool people, i can tell im going to make friends in this class.

jan hawke WILL get me into shape. she is the aerobics nazi. good thing i love to work out and i love to sweat. i can already tell this is going to be my most favorite class. bring on the burn! except i dont like how i have a test in this class on friday. what sick joke.


school sucks

press snooze and complain
fall asleep in shower
drink slimfast
blah blah blah
hang out with friends
do homework
check facebook



last night i got the best news of my life. OF MY LIFE! jason aldean is coming to concert. jason aldean just happens to be my all time favorite country singer, ever. i know every single one of his songs by heart. jason aldean is the one that sings the soundtrack to my life.  oh, im in love with him. jason came to concert a few years ago, but i ended up not being able to go due to some complications. i remember josh and angie took pictures while they were at the concert and sent them to me through the whole night. i sat at home and cried because i was so jealous. to this day i have never forgiven my mom for not letting me go to the concert. NOW he is coming, and i can go. there has been rumors for a while that he was coming, but no one new the date and nobody really new for sure. but last night as i was browsing online i looked at jason aldeans homepage and i saw the words SLC UT. i screamed. my heart almost stopped beating. jason aldean is the best country singer there is. tickets go on sale on friday, and you can bet i'll be buying mine the day they go on sale. october 22nd is going to be the greatest day of my life. im already so excited i cant handle it. he is also coming with chris young, who is another one of my favorites. oh i cant even wait. not to mentiom the people im going with are going to make it that much more better. shelby, zach and the lehi boys. what more could i ask for?  JASON ALDEAN HERE I COME!

i have chills im so excited.

anxiety attack

everyone has their first outfit planned out. all their school shopping done, their supplies loaded up and their hair styles decided. not me. the thought of my first outfit hasn't even crossed my mind. i haven't been to the mall once this entire summer, and frankly i don't plan on going school shopping. not a single pencil has been purchased and id be perfectly fine if i went to school with wet hair. here's the truth, i dont want to think about school starting because id rather just press pause on my life. tonight, me and angie went to del taco. we sat there well after the restaurant had closed just to sit and talk. we talked about our past, the present and most important our future. we realized that at this exact time next year, we will be sitting in our new dorm rooms. i don't know what the future holds. i don't know if me and angie will go to college together. and it makes me sad. angie has been by my side for six years. ever since the beginning of 7th grade we've been attached at the hip. its been no easy road for us, but i love her so much. back in the 7th grade i never imagined that the time would come when we had to depart and go our separate ways. but it hit the both of us tonight while we were talking and neither of us liked the idea. i cant imagine a life without angie. reality really slapped me in the face. things will never be the same way again. this is the last year of my teenage life. next year, my real life begins whether angie is there or not. i sure hope we go to college together, because i probably couldn't make it through school without her. i honestly don't ever want to grow up.


i got my lunch and my shoes tied tight.

senior. what does that even mean!? i don't feel like a senior. should i feel different? i don't agree with seniors being treated any differently than sophomores and juniors. everyone glorifies seniors like they are the only people that matter in the school. i don't care if im a senior or not, i just want to graduate. im seriously trying to keep a good attitude about school starting, but its so hard. i hate that blasted place. but really, im trying to change my attitude.

drinking a chocolate slimfast every morning
getting into an actual routine
seeing people i haven't seen in months
getting to leave during every school function to go get daylight doughnuts
early out days
my lightning mcqueen backpack
going to the gym every night because im back in my routine
not being bored every day
waiting for the bell to ring so i can go home for lunch
being with my favorite peer tutor class.
having every single class with miss angela
my two internships at the hospital and doctors office
wearing scrubs to school
seeing my fellow bloggers
my aerobics class that will get me in shape
waking up early
being freezing cold in the morning
getting dirty looks
getting so much crap because i like cowboys and watch nascar
getting dirty looks because i wear boots
sitting through boring lectures and powerpoints
dealing with morons
seeing gross couples make out in the hall
slutty girls (yeah i said that)
stuck up brats & jocks
no kolton, or cowboys for that matter
all my friends graduated last year
more drama than i can handle
no rednecks or sexy trucks
boring teachers. (durfee, cough cough)
mean, catty girls that are obsessed with themselves
watching kids that have no respect for anyone
conceded idiots
the lunchroom that smells toxic
smelling weed down every hall i walk through
everyone at the school that thinks i hate them
gossip. i honestly don't want to hear it this year.

okay, so maybe the bad outweighs the good. but im trying. i could have wrote a lot more cons, but i stopped myself. im trying to make my senior year as best as i can. honestly, being a senior doesn't matter to me. i just want to be graduated and start on my own life. im trying harder to be positive about this year, but ive got a long way to go. i pray that i will have the patience to deal with all the complete idiots and jerks at school. oh mercy, i hope i make it through.


oh good lanta

i need these. RIGHT NOW.
click the picture. they look better enlarged.


goodbye summer 2011

i wish i could press pause. really breathe this summer in, and engrave the memories into my mind. im going to miss this. i didn't go into this summer with high hopes. i doubted that i would have that great of a time because i was lacking in the friend department. but i was so wrong. the second summer came, so did new friends. this summer was full of new people and new memories. now as its ending, im sad to see it go. this summer almost wins for the best summer of my life. i went to arizona with shannon and jayce, went to disneyland, messed with some ghosts, went wheeling with kolt, went camping, the staidum of fire, tim mcgraw concert, celebrated my birthday at five mile pass, learned how to shoot a gun, met mister cowboy and only managed one trip to the emergency room. not to mention i also hung out with shelby a ton, and became way better friends with zach. im going to miss cole on redbulls. im going to miss zach making up stupid dance moves to random songs in the truck. im going to miss the way hunter makes me laugh at everything. im going to miss telling jokes with the boys for hours on end because we have nothing better to do. im going to miss hanging out in lehi, that place feels like a second home to me. im going to miss the mister, and im going to miss cuddling on the tailgate. im going to miss getting drinks from holiday, because holiday has the best drinks. im going to miss watching the summer thunderstorms with kolt. im going to miss watching kid history on youtube and laughing our butts off. i'll also miss quoting it twenty four seven. im going to miss slow dancing around the fire, and having fires in plastic fire pits. im going to miss paranormal activity, and im going to miss watching every firework show in utah county, literally. i'll miss getting ice cream and ill miss my job. im going to miss laying on a blanket, looking at the stars talking about everything. i WONT miss the millions of mosquito bites, and the horrible sunburns. and i sure wont miss working in the blazing heat.

but i think most of all im going to miss the pure bliss of the simple summer lifestyle. the days where i would sit next to the mister in the middle seat of his truck. how the windows were down and we could feel the warm summer breeze on our faces. the way the country music was blasting and we would sing every word. the way that my hair would blow everywhere, and that cute smirk on koltons face. the way his hand fits so perfectly in mine, and the way my head fits right on his shoulder. yeah, i'll miss that the most.

goodbye summer 2011. i loved you more than you will ever know.

what a freaking night

summer is coming to a close, obviously. you need to do some fun things to end it off right, wouldn't you agree? so that's just what i did last night. things got a little wild. me, angie and my friend karissa decided we needed to have a sleepover. where do i begin? oh yeah, where all hell broke loose. before angie showed up for the night, me and karissa decided that we wanted to have a fire. karissa lives on a farm so we were wandering the fields trying to find some wood to burn. i was standing there when out of no where i got this stinging/stabbing pain in my knee. i screamed a little bit and cursed myself for not wearing my boots and jeans. i looked down and instantly i saw a large bite on my knee. i was freaked out. i brushed my legs hoping to get whatever it was off my legs. i thought i was in the clear, when a minute later i got another bite on my foot. this time i almost started to cry, it hurt so bad. i screamed and booked it out of the fields. we didn't end up having that fire. after going inside and seeing the enormous bites i had, we kind of started to freak out. we knew they were spider bites. after freaking out for a good hour, angie finally showed up. we went and got ice cream, and then we all squished in karissa's bed and talked all night and laughed our faces off. i didn't get one ounce of sleep. we were up all night. we even had ourselves a mini rave with strobe lights and everything.  finally around ten in the morning, we got our butts out of bed and headed to get food. karissa's younger brother also had friends over that spent the night. there was a whole group of us in the kitchen cooking waffles & german pancakes. we were all in our pajamas, blasting country music and signing at the top of our lungs while we cooked breakfast. it was one of the most blissful mornings ive ever had. i wish i could wake up to that every morning. lets just say it was a great night, except for maybe the spiders. im sad summer is over.

yes, thats what bit me.

we were all looking at different phones
love these girls


cool story hansel

be kind. everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.


wondering whats next

dear boy,
meeting you was unexpected and completely random. i'll admit, the first night i met you i wasn't exactly sure i liked you. we hung out every single night, and you grew on me, quick. i knew after the first couple of days that you were definitely my type. it was the night we laid on the grass and ate ice cream that i knew i liked you. the first month was hard for me. i had trouble opening up to you, and you had trouble opening up to me. it felt like conversation was forced between us, and we always had to think so hard to come up with something to talk about. i realized that its hard to have a relationship with a boy you are hardly friends with. so i worked hard to build a friendship first before a relationship. now i can say, that i feel completely comfortable around you. we can hold a normal conversation and it feels right. there is no small talk, and we get along so great. ive found that ive actually come to love your quirks that i wasn't so sure about in the first place. i love your shaggy blond hair, and that baseball necklace you wear that smells like mosquito repellent. maybe you do wear a hat every day of your life, but you look super hot in a hat so its alright. maybe you and your friends do make fun of my blog, but its okay i understand that i do talk about you a lot. but i only do it because you make me happy. maybe its creepy to you, but whatever i don't care. you truly are one of the sweetest boys ive ever met. i guess im just trying to say that before i wasn't ever really sure where i wanted this relationship to go. i wasn't sure if we would ever work out, or if i even wanted a boyfriend. but now i know where i want things to go, and i know that we would work out. i just wish you could over come whatever is holding you back from making us official. im tired of waiting. a girl cant wait forever you know. maybe your holding back because hunting season is coming and your afraid we wont make it through. well, i want you to know that im a strong girl, and i can handle it. hunting is your passion, and i totally support you. i wasn't so sure about us in the beginning, but i find myself liking you more and more every day. i understand if you don't want us to be official, but i want you to know i wont wait here forever. we both know that your rough hands fit perfectly in mine, so what are you waiting for? lets git-r-done.

sincerely, the girl who cant wait forever.
im glad we can be silly together


some peoples parents..

dear mother of the crazy baby,
you come to the pool far too often. yes, you have an adorable little girl. just because shes cute doesn't mean she can swim like a champ. she still drinks out of a bottle, and she still uses a stroller. the fact that your baby cant even talk is also another clear sign that your baby is too young to swim by herself. your baby CANNOT swim. yet, you let her free with absolutely no floatie whatsoever. you sit there and lounge and read magazines. your daughter is far too young to be in the water by herself, let alone with no flotation device attached to her. have you ever thought of a life jacket? maybe even the arm floaties? no, apparently the idea hasn't ever crossed your mind  because you still bring your baby to the pool and don't watch her. do you know how many times we've had to save your baby? i think the count is at 4 times now. OBVIOUSLY she shouldn't be alone in the pool without adult supervision. you are a moron.

sincerely, the pissed off lifeguard.

tupperware & walrus

tonight was a much needed night. i have been in a bad mood for the last couple of days if you haven't noticed. but tonight i hung out with some of my favorite people and had a fire in koltons backyard. we were out there for a good three hours. it felt good to finally get out of my house and spend some time with actual people, not a computer screen. it felt great to laugh too and finally be holding koltons hand again. i sure missed him. i also realized (again) that i am the biggest dumb blond around. here's why.

kolt has this fire pit thingy ma-bob in his back yard. a piece of burning wood got knocked out of the metal bowl in the middle and was laying on the outer edge of the fire pit. i said "is that plastic?" concerned that the burning piece of wood would melt the outside of the fire pit. after those words came out of my mouth, i instantly regretted saying it. i realized i was the biggest idiot ever. why on earth would they make a fire pit out of plastic? duh, it would just melt. im just dumb like that though. everyone started laughing at me. im used to being the dumb blond, so i just brushed it off.

well later on that night we were sitting by the fire and something in the fire exploded, which scared the crap out of all of us. whatever exploded ended up making a huge a crack in the firepit. koltons cousin hunter jumped up and yelled "dang it! it must be made of plastic!" (completely making fun of what i had said earlier.) i laughed for a good five minutes. its probably not funny to any of you, but its hilarious to me, and the way hunter said it made it even better. im laughing just thinking about it. hunter has got to be one of the funniest kids ive met. oh boy.


im not holding it back

i was thinking about starting a private blog because i cant share my feelings on here. but screw it. im going to say whats been on my mind for a while, and i honestly don't care what people think about it anymore. this is MY blog. take it or leave it, i seriously don't care.

im almost excited for this summer to end. it was never as  much fun as i had imagined it would be. it was good at first, and i had some great memories. but everything changed. i didn't have any of those amazing summer nights like i had dreamed of. maybe i had a few, but nothing compared to the summer of 2009. maybe i did fall in like with a boy for the first time in years, and i finally let myself open up. but i see the close of me and the mister coming with each day. im worried that we don't stand a chance once school and hunting season comes. im sad to see it ending, but i will live and kolt will forever be a friend of mine. whether were dating or not. this is not the end of us. i had a lot of big plans this summer, but most of them fell through. it doesn't help that most of my friends blew me off this summer. i miss being spontaneous. it seems like everyone has to make plans now days. what ever happened to the texts that said "come over." now everything is, "well i have plans tonight but we can hang out another night." why cant i just join? am i really that bad? well, its too late now because summer is over. im glad to kiss this summer goodbye. i miss the days where me and shannon were both single. now everything revolves around a boy. you know, im so sick of everything revolving around boys. and im so dang sick of everyone and their dog talking about getting married. were in high school, the thought of marriage shouldn't even cross your mind. im tired of people planning out their weddings like its going to happen tomorrow. what ever happened to people planning a future for themselves and being stable first? i swear girls just set themselves up to fall in "love" and get hurt, like every boy they meet is the one and only. once you stop looking for the "perfect man" he will show up. the more you go looking for him, the harder it will be to find him. just sit back, and enjoy high school and stop thinking about marriage and babies like its the only thing that matters. i am honestly so glad that school is starting. i have internships to look forward too and big decisions to make for my future. i get to decide what college im going to, and move the heck away from this town. i get to make new friends, and see new faces. speaking of friends, ive about had it with all the criticism i get for being friends with my ex boyfriend josh. yes, he is my ex. im sorry that no one can possibly be friends with their exes anymore. but josh happens to be one of my dearest friends. just because we are friends DOESN'T mean we like each other in any way, or are going to hook back up. get over it.

im so sick of this summer. as much as i hate school, it would be better than this. the only good thing that has happened was probably disneyland, and meeting kolton. this summer was a dud. i am in dyer need of some friends, and a new environment. im so sick of the same people, the same drama. i feel like i could do so much, but this town is holding me back. pleasant grove, i love you, but im so sick of you. i just feel like everyone here is so engulfed in the idea of love and boys. get out and enjoy the world. sure its nice to have a boy by your side, but you don't always need a boy to hold your hand while you make decisions. i know were all strong girls, so why do we all rely on love like its the cure to everything?

im not mad. these are just things that have been crawling in my mind for a while, i had to get them out.

s'il vous plait mere

i want to go to france.
not just because every girl wants to go there, or because its the city of love. i actually want to go, and study the history and see the architecture for myself. my mom speaks french, and she lived in france during a study abroad program. ive also taken two years of french and know the basics of the language. i want to go to france with my mom, and go to all the museums and take in all its beauty. i don't want to go to see the dang eifel tower. there is a lot more to france than that. i know france is pretty cliche, but i want to go there more than any other place on this earth. i want to eat loads and loads of crepes, and stuff my face full of pastries. maybe even enjoy a nice dinner on the seine river.

first off i would visit my favorite place, versailles. i want to walk through the hundreds of gardens, and see the beautiful fountains. did you know if they turned on all the fountains at the same time, they would use all the water in france? i want to look at all the gold leaf decor, and walk through the hall of mirrors. i want to go to versailles more than anything. id spend weeks here if i could. i want to walk the same halls that marie antoinette roamed so long ago.

after i spend my month at versailles, i would make my way over to the lourve. the most famous museum in the world. i would see the mona lisa, and the most amazing paintings & artifacts in the entire world.

id also visit:
musee d'orsay
eifel tower
napoleons tomb
sorbonne l'universite
plenty of castles
arch de triumph

mont saint michael. wow.  

and last but not least, the town of strasbourg.
such a cute country feel.

mom please take me to france. i know you want to go just as bad as i do.

butterflies, rainbows & other happy stuff.

fifteen things that made me smile today:

getting free churros at work.
getting off work earlier than expected
zach bringing me starbursts
getting an unexpected text from kolt
finishing my talk for sunday
buying ben & jerrys ice cream
blasting international love by pitbull
seeing my best bud cooper at work
talking to sidney about life & college
seeing that hot boy at the grocery store
going to the gym and running 3 miles
zach & missi's advice
mint oreos
talking to shannon on the phone
getting called babe & beautiful

life is a lot better when you look at the positive stuff, try it sometime.


its international love

now, i normally stick to my country music. and honestly, chris brown is one of those typical jerks that i don't like. but i cant deny that chris brown has one of the best voices ive ever heard. i really only listen to pitbull when i run,  but this song sticks in my head, and makes me want to fall in love with chris brown.


i'll just add that to my arsenal

i promise my life is not as bad as i make it sound. i really do love the crazy, unorganized, fun life i have. i am thankful for all the new friends i have made this summer from lehi. i am thankful for the fact that i have rekindled the friendship with my long lost zach. i am thankful for the growing friendship i have with my girl shibby jimmy. i have a lot of great people in my life. and i love them. today, kolt came over to my house and we talked and messed around, which turned out to be a ton of fun. then tonight, i hiked to the Y. what a  hellish hike! but it is pretty cool once you get to the top of the Y.

good thing im sunburnt to a crisp. you think id learn to wear sunscreen after lifeguarding for the past 3 months. nope, ill never learn.

new pair of undies, please.

ive seen a lot of disturbing things in my life time. ive seen a lot of scary things, and ive definitely seen my share of scary movies. most "scary" movies don't end up scaring me because ive seen it all before. texas chainsaw massacre gave me the creeps, and the collector left me paranoid for weeks. but if there is one scary movie i just cant shake, it has got to be paranormal activity. when the first one came out, i knew i had to see it. i ended up watching about the first half hour by myself and turned it off. then the second one came out in theatres, i went and saw it. i closed my eyes through most of it. it was the first movie that i ever cried or screamed in. so tonight, me and some friends decided to watch the first one. it was the first time i had watched it all the way through, and it scared me to death. while we were watching the movie, my friend zach decided to show me the trailer for the 3rd movie that's coming out in october. lets just say it looks like its going to be the scariest movie of all times. the trailer alone left me crying. i don't know what it is about the paranormal activity movies, but they send chills up and down my spine. maybe its because all my personal experiences with the paranormal, that doesn't make those movies cheesy. i know those movies arnt real, but ghosts are. paranormal activity hits a little too close to home, and that's what makes it so scary.

ah poop, im not sleeping tonight.


get me out of here

another day of summer waisted.
this whole week has been waisted, in fact most of last week was waisted too.
summer is coming to an end, and here i am spending 99% of my nights on the computer, doing nothing.
i miss the beginning of this summer when me and shannon were both single ladies. every day we were together, raising hell. we didn't have any rules we needed to play by, and we didn't have to worry about keeping a relationship going. we were both single and we had a good time. we could flirt with whoever we darn well wanted to. every night we were out doing something, wether it was sitting at the gas station talking, or visiting our friend creature. we didn't make plans, we just did whatever came to mind. that's how summer should be. it shouldn't be waisted sitting at home, like im doing now. but then boys came along, like they do every summer, and things got more difficult. shannon now likes a boy that she is with twenty four seven, and i like a boy who i never see. which means, im the one who's stuck at home on a summer night. im tired of this. im sick of waisting my time getting all nice and ready for the day, and then have plans cancelled.
im almost wishing for school to start, because this summer has sucked.

some words to look at


bathroom checks & shadow drops

i work. every day of my life.
yesterday, i got my 2nd save of the season.
this time, it was a 3 year old little girl.
i cant tell you the details, because that would be illegal.
but, i could tell a save was coming the second i saw her.

tonight is my work staff party. were going to have a huge bbq and swim the whole night. because that's what lifeguards do. but at staff parties there are no rules. riding plastic chairs down the slides? you betcha. im excited to spend the night with my two favorite lifeguarding friends, cooper and cason. it's going to be awesome.


im gunna live where the green grass grows

tim mcgraw.
so hot.

the concert last night was more than i ever imagined. the word fun doesnt do it enough justice. i had such a good time with all my friends, laughing, taking pictures, dancing and singing at the top of our lungs. the band perry sang first, and no body really knows who they are, except for their song "if i die young." they were pretty alright, but i didnt really care about them. next came luke bryan, wow. he is amazing. he knows how to get a crowd going, and he knows how to shake his butt! he is a true country boy and i love his music. he sang good songs like, we rode in trucks, rain is a good thing, and my new personal favorite, country girl (shake it for me). all of us country girls stood up and shook our butts! it was such a great song. after he was done, there was a little break while they set up all tims stuff. once it got dark, tim came on. thats when the real party started. by then, everyone was drunk, except for us of course. we had this couple sitting right in front of us, they were drunk as a skunk. they were 55ish years old. we found out the guys name was rodney. we became pretty good friends with drunk rodney last night. he gave us dating advice, tips on how to pick up girls, he even taught us how to dance. rodney was almost as good as the concert. we danced with him and his girlfriend and just had a good time. tim blew me away. he is the sexiest thing ever. hes 44 and still got it going on! he sang all of his best songs, old & new. even sang a bunch of slow songs, which me and kolton danced to. his encore was pretty great too. oh, my love for tim mcgraw trippled. it was such a good night, plenty of country dancing and just having a good time. i wish i could put last night on repeat.

the gang.